Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sold the RV....holy cow martha...did you know what a loss you take on those things!

Moonrise over the RV resort

How to Sell a Motor Home
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(from a RANK amateur)

We have sold our motor home, a golf cart, given away a refrigerator, sold a park model and donated a pick up load of books to the library...all with in the last year. The things we gave away were things we absolutely could not sell. Believe me we tried.

We sold the RV by putting a listing on Craigs List...with almost no information!!! It said simply 35' RV for sale NADA price...$55000. We had two calls in one day. I have had it on Craigs list with a complete description forever and NOTHING!!! Very interesting. We sold the golf cart in one hour. I may sell my husband...we are on a roll!

The books were just a truck load of memories so we did not miss them...not yet. The refrigerator was older than God so we figured all we needed was for it to find a good home. The park model went to a 80 something woman that loved it...and we had bought another for the same price so it was a good extra money out.

But the cow Martha...did you know what a loss you take on those things. I feel like we have been sucker punched. Now I don't blame the buyer. I do blame the seller AND I blame myself. That had to be the dumbest thing we have ever done!!!! We are a whole lot wiser (notice I didn't say smarter) but there is no was to get it back.

But do I regret it...not one little bit. We traveled all over this country and saw things from the ground that we had flown over countless times. The experiences were worth every minute of it. The money would have been spent in other ways if we had not bought it and we would not have done all the things we did. When I say "life is not what happens, it is how you see the journey" that is what I mean. We shared experiences with our children and grandchildren, friends and we pleased ourselves! It was so much fun.

The deal will be completed within a week or two. There is still more money to be spent by us before we can complete this part of our lives. Then we are moving on to another adventure.

Oh, by the way, we will probably have a trailer (55/12, two awnings and a shed) to sell in a Mesa resort. And so it goes....sigh!!!


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