Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Pictures

Note: I urge you to click on the images so you can see them full screen. It is very impressive
May of 2009

October 2009

Last May I posted about traveling over Hoover Dam on our way home from Arizona. I also posted several pictures of the area and of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge that is being constructed. I love this trip on so many levels. The scenery is spectacular, the dam construction is poetry on a high wire and the public areas on the dam are just a beautiful piece of American Art Deco craftsmanship.  ( I love this style and the book  Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1… is one I would love to have.)
Last May the arch that will ultimately support the span over the canyon was not nearly completed. We were thrilled to see it joined together waiting for the road to rest on it's back. You could see the over head pulley system with buckets they are using to carry material and men(?) out onto the arch to work. I wish I had been there the day they put the keystone in place. It must have been something to see. Anyone have pictures?

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