Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SOLD Mid-Century Mobile Home, 55+ Resort Mesa, AZ P

I just visited with a mobile home park manager this morning. My husband and I took a mobile home in on a trade for our Motor Home. We will be selling it soon. The manager said that the company that operates the park will be moving new manufactured home in soon so we think the park will get a new look which will be good for the value .

Vintage Mobile home looks like
this inside. Stove, refrigerator, sleeper sofa,
small table, washer/dryer
and 1 double and one twin bed. 2 bedroom. Lucy! 1964 Star Craft

Awing on both side offer shade and the mobile home faces south for warm summer sun.

The idea that we would be able to use the mobile home somehow had been incubating in our head for a few weeks. The mobile home is in wonderful condition...I am the one that is feeling very old!!Bedroom has two windows and two closets.

The mobile home is 10x54' and was built in 1964...can anyone say Lucille Ball??? It is very clean. The refrigerator is very nice...looks like new. The stove is the cutest shade of pink you ever saw and it too looks like it is almost new. And it matches the kitchen sink, bathroom wash basin and toilet. A dining room table of the 1964 vintage sits under ruffled curtains. When the curtains are open it is very light inside. The bedrooms are just the right size to house a double/queen bed and a twin. A new shower and hardware have been installed. All the walls are covered with real wood paneling stained naturally gold...something I had not seen in many years. There is even a darling transistor intercom/radio on the kitchen wall with speakers in every room. I just think it could be so much fun to own. If mid century is your interest then you have found a home...let you creativity run wild!!!!

The thing that really surprised me was the fact that it apparently has never been home to a smoker. It smells as fresh as if it were brand new! There are so many second hand stores in the area that I probably could even pick up mid-century furniture to furnish it. If I were younger I would lay new carpet (Lowes has installation specials going now...$139 for the whole house if you install what they have on the rolls or $39 if you buy an upgraded carpet.) and furnish it in keeping with the vintage structure. Then I could enjoy living in the solid structure for many many years. But I am not young and I like where I am now. (So does my husband...that is a good thing.)

I have listed it on Craig's List (listing here.) in Phoenix.

Note: For more information on owning this piece of Americana contact me at My phone number is on the Craig's List ad. As the pitch man Billy Mays would have said "It is an opportunity to own this little baby for an incredibly low price and sit in the sun for part of each year! Rent on the space is less than $400 per month plus utilities. Or, since it has a large Carrier air conditioner and storm windows, so you can be comfortable living there year around."

Let me know if you need more information.

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