Friday, November 20, 2009

Breakfast in the Sun...Park Model Living

My husband and I ate breakfast in the sun this morning. While our small park model does get the morning sun through the windows, lawn chairs on that side of the house are protected from the breeze so we eat there. You really cannot imagine how quiet it is here at that time of day. The air is cool (mid 50's) but the sun is very warm.

We are located on one of the large washes here in Tucson. Pantano Wash runs for miles through the city and we are told it can be a raging torrent in the summer . Wild life is a very real part of our life and we live in peace with Road Runners, Rattle Snakes, Humming Birds, Cactus Wrens and Javalinas (Peccaries). Desert rats are a problem for vacant houses so we make sure they stay on the outside where they belong. Taking a kinder approach to those things that are dangerous or dirty is not easy for us. But we do try!

The weather is getting cooler everyday. In spite of what those that live in colder climates believe, we do dress in blue jeans or long slacks most of the winter months. There is just enough of a chill in the air and the temperature lingers in the low to mid 60 in the day light hours. As soon as the sun falls lower in the sky our desert chills returns immediately. The only people you will see in shorts are tourist or snow birds that are new to this experience. Our nod to warmer weather is the absence of coats in our closets. Light jackets are enough most of the time. If it gets too cold, we just wear everything we own!!!

We grow flowers here in the winter. My front flower bed has petunias and melon sage interspersed with agave and cactus. Most things that grow naturally here have thorns so we love plants that don't bite back. Our flowers are a great source of enjoyment for us. My husband even has a tomato plant that is blooming. The plant tried blooming when we first bought it 5 weeks ago but the Javelina's dined on it one night while we were sleeping! That plant has gone through more than is necessary to provide us with patio tomatoes!

We will eat fish at the Elk's Club tonight. It is almost expected here in Tucson that you will eat fish on Friday nights. Seniors vacated the park at supper time to head out for their favorite restaurant. I smile at the quirky things we do just because everyone else does. In Oregon we would never do the fish thing on just one night of the week. But when in Rome....

So life goes here in our RV park...The Waiting Room for Heaven! Have a lovely day and do come down to visit sometime!


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  1. Lovely post! It does get cold here. Its funny though. I used to live in Ohio and what we think is cold here, is short weather in Ohio ;-)

    I've only been here a year and half, but I already feel like 60/70 is cold!

    I'm adding you to my blog roll. Nice to read a blog from someone in the area (I'm NW Tucson)


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