Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lifestyle Lift thoughts!

I am interested in seeing what might be good stuff for those of us that sag, wrinkle and leak from over use.  As we grow older we tend to find that more maintenance is required to keep us working.  Beauty treatments take up our time and beauty products and treatment promise miracles.   Sigh!

I for one am only a beginner at eyebrow waxes and pedicures.  Both of these procedure spa treatments have become necessary because my glasses don't work like they should.  The need for a pedicure may also have something to do with my need to check and see if there is anything else I need to do while I am bent over to tie my shoes.  It is hard to bend over anymore.  These are both pretty harmless and inexpensive luxuries considering what "miracles" doctors are claiming to perform these days.  If you have enough money the sky is the limit.

So when I saw a website with a review on a "Lifestyle Lift" I was very interested.  A very old, wrinkled and used up woman looked like an absolutely new woman...and only after one hour!!!  Doesn't that sound just too good to be true?  Cathy Walden at Beauty Reports had some thoughts on whether it was a good product. When I looked further, I found several blogs with more information on  the cost and results.  One post in particular from a woman in Illinois voiced a Lifestyle Lift customer's dissatisfies. Words like "pain" and "don't do it" just jumped out at me from the page.  You can find her review at  

The official website for Lifestyle Lifts claims to have been mentioned on every major TV channel.  I still am very skeptical but you can judge for yourself.  Lifestyle Lift-Home Page has a phone number you can call.  If you decided this is for you or have already had the lift done, we would love to hear from you.  

My mother always said that getting old was hard work and I am seeing how very wise she was.  However,  it seems to me that taking care of ourselves and aging with grace is far better than looking 15 year younger.  In the Elizabeth Strout's book Olive Kitteridge one of the character meets an old friend that has had "her eyes done".  All  Strout's character could think was how scary an old woman looks with 16 year old eyes.  We are what we are...there is no changing somethings.  Even a Lifestyle Lift can't roll back the calendar! As for me, I don't want to look scary!

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