Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grandparents Toy List and a Movie Recommendation...a day with granchildren!

Website: for grandparents, parents and children
Check out The Princess and the Frog...a definite recommendation.
List to Grandma Toys (all found in the kitchen drawers)

  1. Tape measures
  2. Set of measuring spoons
  3. Kitchen pasty brush
  4. Metal measuring cups
  5. Old purse with lots of zippers
  6. Sugar scoop
  7. Copier paper
  8. Old crayons
  9. ....all of these are better than anything they have at home!!!!

Boy do I love being a grandmother....but when my son-in-law suggested that I might keep them forever I was afraid, I was very afraid!  Really, we can do whatever life demands, but somethings are better left to family much younger that I.  There are circumstances where grandparents must take over that job.   My hat is off to any grandmother that begins raising a grandchild/family at the age of 68.  If that is you, you are my hero!

The other day we spent the day with our two grandchildren that are home for the holidays from China.  Their life in Shanghai is lived with the help of two (2) nannys.  So when they come for a visit to my house they are experienced in the ways of aunties (ayi's).  In fact Maddie (6)  commented that I was like an ayi...sorta!  The only difference was I was her daddy's mom and, as I reminded her, in charge just like he is.  OHHHHH dear!

Grandpa and I are good at watching grandchildren play.  I don't have any toys so a couple of purses come out and they get filled with measuring spoons, tape measures and fake candles with tiny batteries.  When you have copier paper , a big can of crayons and scissors for the older grandchild, you are all set.  Or at least we are. 

It snowed really hard on that day.  Maddie had gone to see The Princess and the Frog with her cousins and Amelia (2) took a nap with me.  Then we bundled up and went for a walk in the snow.  Amelia is not a veteran snow lover yet and refused to touch it because at first glance it seemed very "messy".  Her little hands stayed hidden inside a fuzzy purple coat as we stomped down the street toward a snowman being built by a neighbor.  Now, you have to realize, Amelia does not like either the big Minny Mouse at Disneyland nor the Eagle mascot as her school.  I had the feeling that she was thinking that snowman might fall into the category.  We were only going to be an audience for it's building but not an up close touching kind of snowman friend.  After she realized  that the white guy did not move or make any noise we went in for a touch...what a relief.

Amelia sneaking up on the snowman!
Christmas Vacation 2009
We had a friend take a picture of us by the snowman and watched as the builder added carrot nose.  Then we stomped back home to tell Grandpa about our adventure.

Melia finds lots to be surprised by...the front door leads to the street and trouble, the machine on the floor spits pictures out of a slot when you press the button and the tape measure has a button that makes the tape fly back in the hole.  She explored every corner of my house and even consented to go potty in Grandma's Bathroom.

Amelia and the wondrous
copy machine!
Christmas 2009

I don't know if they learned anything but I do know that a day spent with grandchildren is better that any day spent on the golf course...believe it or not!


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