Sunday, January 3, 2010

NEW iConvert® Slide and Negative Scanner...just right for our needs!

I couldn't we look forward to a wonderful new year OR do we look back at what the old year had to offer?  Then my husband got the best Christmas gift ever.

The little box sat in his lap weighed almost nothing.  It was about the size of a package of large crackers.  When he opened it we were both delighted to see that he had received the iconvert device sold by the Brookstone Company.  The iconvert is a wonderful little machine that will convert all those old slides we have been storing... not only our own but those of my parents...for a gajillion years.  Truly many of these slides are over 40 years old.  The company describes the device in the following way:
Discover the fast, easy way to convert old slides and negatives to high-resolution digital files before they fade and crack. Just connect iConvert® to your computer, insert a negative strip or photo slide, press the negative scan button or slide scan button—and get instant digital pictures! It’s a simple, welcome alternative to paying a professional.
Powered by, and connects to, your computer.
Connect iConvert® to your PC or Mac® with the included USB cable and download your slides and negatives. iConvert® captures the images as high-resolution (600, 1200, 1800 or 3600 dpi) digital files you can save, edit and share. Compatible with Windows® 98/XP/Vista®, Mac® OS X 10.4 and later (with Intel® processor).
We had wanted to get the slides into our computers for years.  Not only are they great memories of family members that are gone now, they also give us the window into the past that we wanted.  Many of the slides are ones taken by my father of places around the United States that we are just now getting around to visiting.  It is fun to compare what was and is.  

I do recommend this little machine to you.  It really does work.  While storing slide boxes may be your favorite use of space, it isn't ours.  We will sort through and keep the best and dispose of the rest.  And it allows you to look back while moving into the future.  Wow, the best of both worlds.


Available on Amazon for $99.95


  1. Thank you, thank you. We have needed to do our slides! I'm ordering it. I know you are enjoying seeing a
    your slides.

  2. Just what I've been looking for! Thanks a million for this recommendation. AAnd a happy new year to BOTH of us as we look into dearly treasured parts of our pasts and to cleaner closets!


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