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Inside the RV Resort Life Style...retirement living

note:  This is an older post but it gives you a glimpse into everyday life in our RV resort in Tucson, AZ.  Rincon Country East has been our home for 4 years now.  This particular park model has since sold to a lady in her 80's.  We are all healthy and happy...still!  The ages of our neighbors range from low 50's to upper 80's.  It is a very good and interesting mix. All the phone numbers posted here are still active.
Our Current Park Model

October, 2008

I am in the dessert...back in the Waiting Room for Heaven. We are early this years so we are waiting patiently for the rest of the people to arrive. Some will be along soon, some are not well enough to come and some are already here. We love the serenity of this place. We are never lonely, we are never wanting for things to do and our friends are so close that we can just walk across the street to visit.

We have moved to a new home here. A home came up for sale at the end of our street with a view of the mountains and just across the street from the tennis courts and the pickle ball courts. We have set up a table on the east side of the home so we can eat breakfast in the early morning sun and have a cocktail in the shade in the after noon. It is very warm now...temps in the 90's during the day but they drop to 80 by 5:00. Perfect.

I have not been blogging so much. It has been a good break for me. Blogging can go from being an outlet to being an obsession...have you noticed? I needed to break the cycle and I will be back as soon as we move the computer down the street and find a home for it in the bedroom.

Old Park Model
<-Theadora, the flamingo with lights inside and pink paint on the outside has moved with us. We love her. She has lived at several homes and now she is ours. The other residents are sure we are nuts...was there any question. :)

So that is where we are. Tucson, AZ.  Our park model will be for sale...these little doll houses are so affordable that middle class residents use them as second homes and those older folks on Social Security can afford a nice year round home in a secure gated community. Rincon Country East RV Resort (8989 E. Escalante, Tucson, AZ 85730 Toll Free 888·401·8989 Phone 520·886·8431) is one of the top rated parks in AZ. yet remains small and friendly. While part of the park is reserved for large motor homes a large portion of the resort is occupied by park models. We buy the home and then pay monthly rent to the owner of the park. We have a beautiful pool, a large recreation auditorium where dance with live music are held. There is a laundry and a coffee/mail room with residents gather morning and after noon for a visit with friends. We range in age from mid-fifties to over ninety. There is something and someone for everyone.

Several models are for rent in this resort. I pinch myself every day...we are so lucky.


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