Friday, February 19, 2010

Vietnamese Pho Tango Restaurant, 22139 Imbrie Dr. Hillsboro, Oregon

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Eating is possibly my favorite thing in the being the key thing here.  I love ethnic food.  Authentic Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai with a little German and French thrown in here and there.  Tonight I went to one of my favorite "mall restaurants" here in our area, Pho Tango. 

My husband and I had visited this restaurant over Christmas Holidays at lunch hour.  Pho Tango, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, was fill with Vietnamese young people that work in the area.  Intel and nail salons employ a great many of them.  We had to wait to be seated. 

The restaurant is located in a Fred Meyer mall on Imbrie Drive just across from Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (a great brewpub) in a building that used to house a pizza parlor. (map)  The new owners added paint and walled the kitchen in then decorated with pictures of Vietnam.  But all that is not important...the food is what we like.  I am stuck on the noodles served with Thai basil, hot peppers and bean sprouts on the side.  My daughter and I ordered a combination special that included two bowls of soup, an appetizer and our drink and paid less than $20.   Menu here.

I recommend  Pho Tango as a good lunch stop when you are on the Westside or at the Hillsboro Stadium for an event.  Lunch prices are very reasonable and Monday/Tuesday evening are nights that prices are reduced on noodle dishes by almost 50%.  I think you will like it.
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