Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skype Keeping Retirees Connected or Grandpa Lives in the Computer

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I know I have told you that our grandson aged 2 years thinks Grandpa lives in the computer.  It may just be so...who knows.

Because of a family emergency and my need to help my son as his new born gets a stronger hold on life, I will be home for three weeks.  Skype is my link to my husband who has stayed in Arizona with friends in the sunshine.  My husband and I both have Skype accounts and we own three computers.  Two are in the desert with my husband and we leave the old laptop here in Hillsboro for use during holidays and times like this when we are without the other computers.  So the Skype accounts can be used on any computer with the program...I am learning more about this wonderful FREE service all the time.

When I began trying to reach my husband I realized that his account was not only on this computer but also on his computer in Arizona.  Skype was not going to let me call...it said I could not talk to myself.  It was just a little frustrating...I talk to myself better than the average person.    I have been thinking about how to make this work for a week now.  I was looking at my Skype contact list this morning when I realized that at the top, where my husband's name was, there was a button that allowed me to choose a different account. (Where the red minus is in the picture.)  Sure enough, when I clicked the little green button there was my account.  When I signed into my account, my husband appeared in the contact list....yeah!!!  I dug out my old isight camera, connected it to the computer and I was one connected Grandma again!

So this evening while I was having my wine, we chatted as though we were in the same room.  He watched the basketball game over the top of the computer screen and I blathered on and on.  I liked it...that is my comfort zone!

Brayden could be right...Grandpa may live in the computer.  Thank heavens, when we apart, I know just where to find him.  I just thought you would want to know.


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