Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sushi....Syun Izakaya Bar...a little piece of Japan in Oregon

What's Cooking in America???  No it is not a is a website featuring reviews of local restaurants from around the country.  In this particular case, the Portland, Oregon Metro Area.  I have written about a wonderful sushi Izakaya Bar called Syun Izakaya Japanese Restaurant (map) located in, of all places the basement of an old library in Hillsboro, Oregon.  The website described the restaurant:

You wouldn't suspect Hillsboro of harboring a great Japanese restaurant - but it does. The restaurant is situated in the basement of the old Hillsboro library building. Izakaya" means "pub" in Japanese, so the non-sushi items are all smaller portions, kind of like a Japanese tapa restaurant. The name, Syun Izakaya  means "fresh seasonal sake pub". The charming decor here features tatami-style window dressings and sake bottles lining the walls. This restaurant is definitely a little piece of Japan in Oregon! 

Honestly, this is so authentic you might forget where you are.  A lady sitting near the entrance to the bar told me she was from Hawaii and had been to the bar at least twenty times since she recently moved to the area.  Honors include mentions in magazines such a Bon Appetite, Zagats and a ranking as one of Portland's top 100 restaurants. 

We were told when we walked into the bar that we would have to wait 45 minutes without reservations...a wait we were willing to endure.  But, because people at the bar were leaving, we were seated within a few minutes.  I have decided that we will always sit in this same place.  We had front row seat for preparation and presentation of the food.  It will take us a few times at the restaurant to learn the menu but they have variety selections that make it possible to taste a little of everything.  One of those choices was just $10.00. 
Saki Tastes...yum!
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