Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buying a Park Model...buy low now or pay more in the fall!

Small Park Model 
For Sale
Around the Corner From ME!!! 

In RV resorts all over the country, prices on Park Models will be at an all time low this time of year.  Owners are going home, rent dates are approaching and the visible buyers are becoming invisible.  Sellers get less hard nosed about bargaining and agents work deals you would not believe.  

On top of that there are a record number of units for sale.  We are coming out of a recession, the stock market is going up and it seems that prices may jump back up to where they were 18 months ago.  So, if you are a buyer, now is the time to do it.  I actually knew of an older model that was built so solid that the model was not easy to move.  It was for sale for $1000 dollars (plus rent)!  It was on a corner lot but did not have a awning or much parking.  But, for $1000, buyers can figure some of those problems out.

So here are some of the things I know:
  • Buy in the spring...the prices go down.
  • Always add the cost of rent to the buying price...in this park around $4000 a year is the rate.
  • If you haggle on the price don't expect the seller to fix a leaking faucet or paint some small item with a pint of paint.  In our park labor is cheap so getting things fixed can be done with no problem.
  • Get it in writing, even if you have to write it yourself...agents are notorious for not doing this and there appears to be no law that requires a written agreement...at least in Arizona.  From what I hear both the buyer and sellers are liable to go "back on their word" at the drop of a hat.  Buyers remorse is one thing but agreeing to something and then asking for this and that is not a good thing. For example, I sold a park model for a lot less than I paid.  The dryer worked fine but was noisy...I did not fix it.  The noise did not bother me. 
  • Check out the neighbors.  You may want to buy something that is not perfect if your neighbors are wonderful.  It can make such a difference in your winter stay.
  • Come and rent for a short period, get to know the park, rules for visitors, winter activities, etc.  While you may be able to buy very cheap, you still need to make sure that you are making the right decision.
  • Above all be careful...I might wax poetic about this life or the low cost of living like this but I never want you to believe that everyone is nice because they are old.  All you know is they are old and nothing more.  Liars and cheats grow old too.  
I want you to be armed with information when you decided to come live by me...I will have the wine bottle open and give you a hug.  I hope you find this helpful.  Have a wonderful day!

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