Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living retirement life with the neighbors...conversations about Health Care Reform!

We find a sharing kind of atmosphere here in the RV Resort. We pass things back and forth...table clothes, bedspreads, curtains, herbs, flour etc, etc, etc! We also share our past and how it has shaped our lives. That is what I would like to do for you today. The reason? It is the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill signed by President Obama this morning.

My husband and I are retired educators from the state of Oregon...one of the few states to refrain from filing a law suit against the mandate that everyone must carry insurance. Just so you will know where I stand, I rejoice in this. I am a person that does not want to be rich while others do without basic needs because they make poor choices or because they are left with no choices. They should not have a choice when it affects others and they should have a choice when they are backed into a corner because be pre-existing health problems. There you have it. I am what I am. Many disagree with me here in the park but they respect my opinions and I theirs.

As teachers in our state we were faced with the task of negotiating with insurance companies district by district...big districts because of size were given better deals by insurance companies. The huge companies like Blue Cross were willing to take from those with less and give to those with more because, just because! Just this year the state took this away from the insurance companies and began purchasing insurance for every state employee so that employees would pay less for their insurance out of pre-taxed dollars. It was a huge breakthrough for janitors, secretaries, teachers, health care employees...city and state workers at every level. The only question that went unanswered was why couldn’t small business and those that have been unemployed because of cost cutting measures have access to something that would at least give them a leg up. I have high hopes that we will now see that benefit coming to others in our state. Insurance companies will not be able to take our premiums for years and then deny coverage when we actually use the policy.

We are retired and living on a fixed income...we may pay more for our insurance in the end. It is all good...I just feel better when my neighbor is well.

During my lifetime I have seen the line in front of the hospital on the day when that endity had to write off a portions of their patients debt. Maybe hospitals will not have to pass that cost onto their other patients as each person takes responsibility for their own insurance and debt. We are feeling hopeful that in the next four years things will be better.

I share these hopes with my neighbors here in "The Waiting Room for Heaven". Ours is a diverse population where Canadians, Americans from every corner of the United States as well as Europeans share a life. We have found that, if we are going to enjoy our time together, we must be tolerant of differing views in our conversations. That is how we live.

Have a wonderful day. Spring is here, the sun will shine and our country will survive. God Bless America!



  1. New polls are now saying that the majority of Americans, me included, think the new health care reform passage is a good thing. Why should we have to get car insurance but not insurance for our own care?

  2. I agree totally...that is why we are celebrating!



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