Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lental Garden...great Indian food in Beaverton, Oregon

     My husband and I have used restaurant.com for quite a while now.  You can go online and create an account that allows you do buy "gift certificated" for $10-50 at a very low price.  These will be on sale occationally for $2.00!  The restaurants you choose will have some specification for use of the certificates...maybe only after 5:00 or only for dinner.  They will also require that you spend at least twice what the certificate is worth and you can not apply drinks to the amount required.  Not all the places are wonderful but if you want you can get a deal on a newly opened location for an established business.
     On Monday night we used a certificate we bought a little less than a year ago for a Indian restaurant called Lentil Garden (reviews here).  Indian cuisine is very popular in this part of the Portland, Or. metro area.  Not only do we have a lot of Indian families living close by but we also have a young, hip population that loves ethnic food.  We have tried several of the Indian restaurants in the area and this one was by far the very best.  The spices were....spicy...not salt over loaded. You could order the degree of spiciness you desired.   I had an okra dish seasoned with garam masala that was tasty beyond reason.  Our food was served family style with sides of either Jasmine rice or nan bread.  The decor was not lavish but the room was very clean and well organized.   The family that runs the restaurant was eating in the back.  It just had that authentic feel that I like.  I would give the place at least 4 stars for the quality of the dishes.  And I thought the service was perfect.  Good, good, good!
     Oh, did I mention we had a certificate for $10's, ordered a around $24.00 worth of food and would have added at least 15%.   We paid $17.00 including the tip.  We were very pleased.  If we had ordered just the $20 required, our bill would have been around $14.  They did add the 15% tip to the bill.
     Lentil Garden is located at 18033 NW Evergreen Parkway.
     I just thought you would want to know!


I hear there is a restaurant downtown called Ghandi's (reviews here)  at 827 SW 2nd Ave that is even better.  We will need to try that one day soon for lunch.  I noticed that Yelp had 21 reviews.  We also so have a restaurant called Swagat (reviews here) located at 1340 NE Orenco Station Parkway here in Hillsboro, Or. We have eaten at this restaurant and it has it all...decor, service and very authentic Indian cuisine.
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