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Hearing impairment
note:  Here is a small disclaimer.  I do not get paid by any of these people.  I just tell you what I like!
Our New TV Ears  (We are the proud owner of TV Ears.  That is what this story is about.
     Can you hear me now?  If you live with someone that is deaf you have probably used the Verizon catch phrase. I used to think it was funny but as I grow older the fun has worn off.  Every volume knob is set to 10 (full blast) and old men carry on conversations with each other that would make a great comedy sketch.  And the gifts.....what can I say? 
     I can hear just fine (well sort of)  but my husband is just a mess. Our children love us and want us to have anything that will make our life better/easier.  Bless their little peeked heads, we do appreciate any attention we get.  (Can you see where this going?)
   When my husband's last birthday came around my daughter started talking about getting him a set of the TV Ears you see advertised.  I was less than enthusiastic I suppose.  I like the TV on full blast even though I do not have a hearing problem. :)  Low and behold, here came the TV Ears in the mail.  My husband was very skeptical so I explained that it was okay, I would use them too and we could both benefit from them.  I did manage to slip in the fact that he was MUCH worse off than me.  He didn't like it but I felt better.
     This weekend we plugged the TV Ears into the back of our cable box, charged the head set and began using them.  (note:  You will need an adapter if you do not have a cable box.)  HOLY COW MARIE!!!  Those things are wonderful.  You can have the TV on mute and the head set still works.  He can watch TV in bed and I can sleep. You can adjust the volume on the set and turn the sound down when the commercials are on.
    Why didn't we do this a long time ago???  Well actually we did.  We bought and returned other types of devices.  The difference here is the TV Ears are not cumbersome, they do not hurt your ears or give you a headache, the headset is wireless and they were affordable. I see that you can buy them on Amazon for $50.85 and get free shipping! Or you can go to the website for the device and they cost about the same after using a coupon.   WHAT A DEAL!!!!
    I give this device a complete thumbs up...try them out and see what you think.

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