Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Drive in the Country...back roads near Portland, Oregon

Her friends called her Sweet Sarah!
     Location:  Portland, Oregon Metro Area...20 miles west from the center of the city.
     Area:  Scholls  at the corner of Hwy 210 and Hwy 219.  This corner is a slow down and stop location.
     Business:  Smith Berry Barn and The South Store Cafe
     Day:  Saturday in June
     Weather:  Sunny and Warm
     Mission:  Buy plants for the garden
     This beautiful lady sat at a table adjoining ours as we ate our lunch and listened to a band called Beyond the Grange (contact Lee Thompson at 503.628.1920). Don't tell me we don't know how to be stylish...isn't she beautiful?  When I asked if I could take her picture one of the other three ladies at the table leaned over and said "She is our Sweet Sarah."     

Beyond the Grange
A wagon full of beauty!

        We are having two days of sunshine in a row.  The planting can finally in Oregon at least.  When the sun shines, it is a requirement that we take a leisurely drive in the might be the best good time of the whole year. We could not believe rain and it was Saturday...the perfect day to go shopping for garden plants.
Smith Berry Barn
This year we drove out on Hwy. 219 from Hillsboro going south through the countryside.   The drive takes you past Jackson Bottom Slough, nurseries and lush clover fields.  When the sun shines this is heaven on earth.
     We stopped at Smith Berry Barn where we purchased our plants.  I could only think that it was a good thing I didn't live any closer.  I would be so tempted by all the goodies both on the inside and the outside of this beautiful store.  We bought herbs, garden plants and flower for my daughter's yard and flowers for the containers on our deck.
     Then we dashed across the road to The South Store Cafe.  The sign on the building said EAT and the cafe sign said SCHOLLS.   
 Location:  Located about 20 miles southwest of Portland on the corner of Scholls Ferry Road (Hwy 210) and Hillsboro Hwy (Hwy 219) across from Smith's Berry Barn.
Garden Sandwich
     Our sandwiches were some of the best we had ever eaten.  I had a Garden Sandwich that actually had slices baked sweet potato along with tomato, cucumber, red onion and spring salad greens. The special for the day was a brie, bacon, turkey cucumber sandwich that turned out to be the star at our table.  People going out were suggesting what they had eaten so all of the selections must have been wonderful. 
      If you are looking for a outing on a beautiful day around the Portland area, this is the perfect afternoon drive.  You will not be disappointed.


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