Friday, July 9, 2010

Oregon Beach Scene...Newport, Oregon!

One sunny day at the Oregon Coast is worth
one hundred anywhere else.  They are that rare
and wonderful!
July, 2010

One of Newport, Oregon many boat basins.
One day is never enough! Cape Foul Weather near Otter Crest was the first geographical name Captain Cook gave to a location on the coast line.  Winds  blow over 100 mph here during winter storms. 

 One man wearing Zazzle shoes with fishing floats printed all over them. Stephany's Cafe, Newport, Oregon
  • One cool car with two proud owners. Nye Beach, Newport, OR

One picture is worth a thousand words!  Otter Crest from Cape Foul Weather, Or.  
One beautiful hotel located on Nye Beach called Sylvia Beach Hotel.  The hotel is named after Sylvia Beach,  a promoter of independent writers during the early 20th Century.  The hotel is designed for book readers with each room taking on the identity of an author.  The Sylvia Beach Hotel has a particularly beautiful coastal panorama which includes the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. This view is to the north and is enjoyed by the majority of the rooms. It is a book lovers hotel.  No TV, internet or telephones at this hotel.  They are full most of the time the receptionist told me. The restaurant called Table of Contents features Chapters instead of courses at the family style meals. 
One pretty baby with one very proud daddy. (Deport Bay, Oregon ) 
One last sunset!
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  2. Looks like a fun vacation. I use to live in the great North West. Oregon is a beautiful state.

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