Monday, July 5, 2010

What's for dinner? Let's talk about Mexican + grilling for a minute.

Photo from Yelp...carne asada at Peppers!  By Fuey S.

Food is on my mind.  After a weekend of specially prepared meals I need to talk food.
  • We ate Mexican food this noon at a  little restaurant here in Hillsboro, Oregon call Peppers.  It is one of our favorite stops for good Mexican food.  The ambiance is nothing to write home about...scuffed floor, kitchen totally open to viewing...but the bathroom is very clean and the food is just wonderful.  It fills everyday at noon.  There is a little bar and outside eating but the patio is next to 10th Street and very noisy.  City Search gave it 4.5 stars and Yelp gave it 4!
  • We had a bbq rib "throw down" yesterday.  My son did his on the barbcue all day by piling a small mound of charcoal in the corner of the grill and placing a rack that held the ribs off to the side.  When the coals turned white  and began to be finished he added more charcoal.  I put mine in the oven for 3 hours at 300 degrees and put them on the grill with wood chips to get a little carmelization.  He made his own sauce I used bottled.   We both used a rub.  I mixed chili powder, brown sugar, salt and celery seeds.  They were both wonderful but his had a smoked for such a long time they had that delicious smokey flavor.  I vote for on the charcoal all day!
  • We had salmon on the grill on Saturday.  We purchased a whole salmon at Costco on Friday.  A whole salmon put on a cedar plank and grilled until the top just bubbles is so perfect.  We place sliced lemon inside too but it is great without that step.  I think it takes a little longer that way. 
  • I found out last winter the left over fajitas make wonderful tortilla soup.  Add the seasoned meat/vegetable combination to chicken broth and gather the toppings.  You are good to go!!!
We had a great 4th of July...I do love this country.  Have a wonderful week.

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