Thursday, August 5, 2010

Downsizing meets Technology or learning from the college student dorm room!

I love when a plan begins to come together. Take living in a small space/downsizing because of aging and its relationship to going high tech and compare it to the college student and their first ever home of their own.  If at all possible both of these groups want a space that is beautiful and comfortable.  But don't think that a small space being cool looking is going to replace the technology students need to function in a their dorm rooms or small apartments.

Now let's think about you and I moving into a small apartment. The decor may need to be good but it is not going to be enough. Just like the college student, we will need our space to function as a high tech space too. Now all the technology assisted living facilities are using is being offered by vendors to homeowners. It is very exciting.

Retro Small Space
So it seems that college students and downsizing seniors have a lot in common. They both want their space to be beautiful and high tech. Living like a college student, like our old furniture, is back on style again. Technology and downsizing! Who knew!

The picture on the right made me seems that all that stuff we lived with as young adults is in again. We could actually use those things and be very cool...if we hadn't traded it in 45 years ago!  I  owned a stereo and clock just like these.  The computer monitor looks perfectly at home don't you think?

Keeping track with a bulletin board!
Retire in Style Blog offered an article on low cost organizationing. As I was reading the article it hit me how important writing things down is as we get older. College students have nothing on us in this regard. My mother kept a calendar that looked like the typewriter had run amok on it. When I saw this bulletin board I thought it might work better than the calendar did for my mom.

Chalk board painted wall from Unplgged
I like the new chalkboard paint that can be painted on just about any surface even better. It looks good and serves a useful purpose.  The paint is available in a variety of colors so can be matched to any decor. There is a magnetic primer that you can apply your chalkboard paint over and get a multipurpose use for the wall. I actually think I will try this myself.  Keeping track of a busy life can be very hectic...especially when you are past 70 (smile)!  Just give me my chalkboard and a little technology and I am good! I'm feeling younger already.

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