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Small Space Room Design...multifuncition is the key!

Behold the iPad in All Its GloryThe iPhone also includes  a Kindle...more than one use for this piece of technology.Image via WikipediaNote:  For added information of inexpensive living after retirement go to: Resort Living in Tucson AZ

What young people know about their iPhone and iPad is a lesson we can all use for all parts of our life...nothing should have only one use!  So what is so different about our furniture? 

Whether it is a modern living room design or any other room in the house we need to make  the best use of the space we have.  While having a beautiful space is important the old saying form should follow function could not be more true in this case.  With the right combination of furniture and storage units we can live in a small space without sacrificing comfort or beauty.
Motor Home multifunction space!
Lets say, for example, a small dining table or hutch area is transformed into a desk area with hidden or beautiful containers for letters, bills and tech equipment.  Big box stores and stores like Marshall's or Home Goods carry wonderful decorator and storage items at a reasonable price.  If you buy your computer with the idea that it can be stowed easily when you need that area for entertaining or even to rest your eyes, it is possible without covering the bed with "stuff".  Even by repurposing what you already have, you can begin putting the "multifunctional" into your space.
We have converted a pantry in our kitchen into a small office area where I keep my laptop computer for reference purposes.  A small desk chair slips in under the desk when not in use.  That space is used for a art table when grandchildren visit and if I had children they would do their homework in the kitchen with me as I prepared meals.

The seating in any room can serve more than one purpose.  In a small living room ottomans can convert into a side table with the use of trays.  That same ottoman can be used as seating even at the dining table if it is the right height. (I have an ottoman with legs.  I remove them for everyday use and just screw them back on when I need an extra chair at the table.)

For the guest bedroom space in your home there are even chairs that convert into small beds for visiting children.  Ikea has one that I have actually used.  I found it to be very comfortable even after using it for 5 nights in a row.  A couch coupled with a Murphy wall bed is on the market and is sometimes called a Euro Bed System.  They are put out by SICO.  You can even purchase the Murphy bed hardware separately.  We used one of the Murphy wall bed in the couch designs when we rented a condo last year and it was so comfortable it could have served as our everyday bed at home nicely.  We have considered putting one of these in our park model in Arizona.  Then our bedroom could serve more than one function.

So multifunction is the key word here.  Young techies know it and so should we.  Nothing that we buy should serve only one purpose.
I just thought you would want to know.
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