Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snowbird Regulations....Very Good and Funny Idea :-D

I am a granny that loves to laugh. That is why Not Your Typical Granny Blog caught my eye.

Maddie, Amelia and I
Every time I wander around (metamorphic travel) on the Internet I find something that makes me laugh. Today I was on the Blogged website and put aging in the blog search. That was where I found "Not Your Typical Granny". It seems Granny is 48, still a working girl, lives in Florida and faces the onslaught of snow birds each winter. It can be very annoying. She has suggested that there should be "Snow Bird Laws/Rules" and every snow bird should have to sign an oath or something when they return to the state. She says there are only a few months to get this done because they will be back before they know it. Granny had a long list but here are two of her rules:
"In order to drive, Snowbirds must be able to see over the steering wheel of their car. If you cannot see over the steering wheel and must see through it, I highly recommend you get a booster seat. They make them, they are available and maybe then you won't have to make that left hand turn from the far right lane."
"Snowbirds required to be on oxygen cannot drive. Putting the oxygen tank in the back seat so you can still breath while driving does not work. If you are on oxygen don't drive!"

While this is really funny, it is also true. Old people do drive with oxygen tanks unable to see over the steering wheel and barely able to walk to the front door of their destination. On the other hand I have friends that carry handicap tags and use them when they are going to a ball game and want to park really close. They walk, see and breath just fine. Arizona has a dumb tourist law but that would not take care of oxygen tanks, senior citizens at the grocery at the end of young people work day or on the golf course on Saturdays. The Dumb Tourist law states that if you drive into a wash when it is full of water and someone has to rescue you, you will be fined! How many times do you suppose that had to happen before they passed a law? And how old were those people? I am seeing more and more that there needs to be regulations/laws/rules just to keep snow birds in line. Arizona might sit up and take notice. Sigh!

Now I am not saying there should be any arresting of old people...don't break the old people is my motto. But I do have a wicked sense of humor so you can see how this would tickle my funny bone.
Anyway...Granny has quite the sense of humor and I have added her to my Blogged Followed list. Head on over if you want a good laugh. This post is hilarious. I do not see any rhythm to her posts so just check back once in a while!

Have a lovely day.



  1. Funny is a good thing - although I'm guessing I won't be laughing when I arrive at those 'golden' years and am faced with the wrath of the young and healthy. But for now, I'm laughing even as I age. Good post.

  2. Thank you for a laugh on this stormy morning.

  3. Yeah, this was funny, but I do feel sorry for some of the people you mentioned!

  4. Yes, we are felt sorry for but it is not a good thing. The thing is seniors are just like you. We do the best we can, deal with our flaws and laugh at ourselves! AND, just like everyone else, we do things we shouldn't. The laughing helps us remember to, for example, not drive with our oxygen tank in the back seat. Don't feel sorry...just join in on the humor!


  5. Wonderful post! You made me think..

    stolen from the air

    Please don't forget to post your creative works at Monday Poetry Train Revisited too!


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