Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful ideas under $15!

One of the great pleasures in my life is the thrill I get out finding something beautiful!  I don't need anything really but if I do want something it should be available in a beautiful red...or silver.  So Monday is the day I head out the door onto the Internet world to find a few beautiful things to share with you.  Guess what I found today...for under $15.00.....

Yanko Design Mobile Tail

  • Yanko Design has these very cool little Mobile Tails in several colors...perfect for iphone Facetime or speaker phone chats.  They would free up your hand while you talked on the phone.  The cost around $6.50.

  • Canoe of Portland, Oregon has these gorgeous Book Darts in their online catalogue.  I use a bookmark all the time...generally an ad torn out of a magazine.  Look how beautiful these are! $10.00
    Glass Salt Bowl from Canoe
  • I own a set of very antique salt dishes that are small enough to put beside each plate at dinner.  Canoe has some Glass Salt Bowls made by a Portland artist that caught my eye.  They come in at  $14.00.  Each bowl is unique and you do not get to choose your color...they do that for you.

  • Lastly I thought I would share an idea I have used many time...also featured on Apartment Therapy...and they found it on a website called Salt Water Kids.  The pink boxes are hand you...from office supplies.  The boxes are constructed of colored file folders, tags are the kind you find at the office supply store.  You add the inspiration.  (The instructions can be found on Salt Water Kids, a mom blog from the Puget Sound area. Cost $1 or less! ) 

That's it for today folks.  I hope you have found a little inspiration and maybe a gift or two.  Happy Monday!


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