Picture from A Gift Wrapped Life
A Gift Wrapped Life:
A small gift as a way of thanking the host and hostess for a wonderful evening never goes out of style.   A very inexpensive gift wrapped like it is worth a million can be a real show stopper.  This blogger has some beautiful ideas.
Beauty Tips from Katiem2 (Hub Pages)
The lady writes on Hubpages but also has other websites for your use.  She has some of the best beauty tips that cost absolutely nothing.  Check her information before you shampoo, color or highlight your hair!  WOW!
Frugal Traveler
Travel is becoming more of a hot trend...boomers are turning 65 as of last December.  This blogger writes for the NYT.  I follow his information closely. Recently he posted about traveling up and down the east coast of the USA by train/bus...inexpensively.  I think you will like his information.
Thrifty Fun  
This is a wonderful forum website that allows readers to share tip and information. I was looking for a home shampoo for my living room carpet.  This is what I found:
RE: Homemade Carpet Shampoo:  Test an area in the corner first. Pre-treat any "bad" areas with Dawn dish liquid. Mix a solution of 2 gallons warm water; 1 tsp Dawn and 2 TBS baking soda. Run through carpet scrubber; rinse with clean water (through carpet scrubber), let dry. (07/29/2010)
So today will be a football day...we have a HD television set...life is very, very good.

Have a wonderful day.

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