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Golfing Without a Membership....Ventana Canyon Resort Mountain Course

The Santa Catalina Mountains are located north...Image via WikipediaTHE COMMUNITY OF GOLFERS
If you are active in, golf, tennis or croquet...and you mind your sports p's and q's, you will eventually get to know someone that enjoys your company.  You take care of them and they take care of you.  That is the way it works.  You will connect with a group of people that share your tastes and as a result of this bond you will be given opportunities that you would not normally enjoy.  That is what my husband and I have found to be true. This last week is a perfect example.
PLAY WITHOUT JOINING  I live in an RV resort but believe it or not I was given the opportunity to play the spectacular Mountain Course at the Lowe's Ventana Canyon Lodge this last week.  This is the course a guest would use and one of two on the Lowe's property.  Two of my friends and I were invited to play with one of the employees of the resort that lives close to us.  We golfed in the afternoon hours when things are a little more quiet.  
This course with it's uphill and downhill lies coupled with greens, all be it perfect, that slope so subtly, is a challenge for the best of golfers. It is rated 139 from the gold (white) tee.    Yet it is forgiving enough for a golfer like me that plays from the forward tees. I had one of my best scores this season! 
Lowes Ventana Canyon has one of the premier locations here in southern Arizona. Because it is set on the up slope of the Santa Catalina Mountains,  the view takes your breath away. The desert views here are filled with a smokey purple and blue and our sunsets rival anything you will see around the world.  The lodge is reserved for guest only and a relatively small lobby giving it that intimate feel those that can afford this location want.  We drove through the gate with the blessing of the guards after we explained we were playing golf.  A week before we had been denied this privilege when we wanted to buy a gift certificate for a friend.  Evidently this is hollowed ground!  I might note there is also a hotel located on the same property and the ground at that location are open to the public.
PLAYING IN A TOURNAMENT  Golf friends that are competitors like to play in tournaments.  If you mind your p's and q's you may get invited to a member/member tournament.  There are also opportunities to participate in golf charity events throughout the year.  Courses like Arizona National frequently have hosted this type of tournament in the past.  
In an article written for the Sports Network, a golfer named Debra Miller talked about playing golf without buying a golf membership at the high priced courses throughout the country.  The name of the article was Playing Golf Without a Membership.  Liberty Mutual is only one company that sponsors a tournament for charity.  Ms. Miller pointed out the networking possibilities for business people.  Her statement reflects what happens to us as retired people.  She said:
The opportunity to play a TPC course with your friends also makes for great bragging rights and the networking opportunities can be endless. After all, we know how key building relationships can be, especially in the sports industry. The best part is that it’s all part of a good cause.
BUILDING THE NETWORK  As we continue to "network" with our golfing friends we find ourselves invited to play at more and more courses.  We frequently play on the Davis Monthan Airforce Base and have played on the Desert Hills Course in  Green Valley.  Without friends we would never play either one of these courses.  I am loving the golf experience more and more all the time.

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week.  We will visit again soon!


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