Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arizona and Golf...Robert Trent Jones Course in Rio Rico

Rio Rico's Robert Trent Jones Golf Course just north of Nogales, AZ


The weather's fine and 
the company is wonderful!
Arizona and Golf
The perfect combination!

My life includes three close friends that are willing to golf with me!
My husband and I joined 6 friends for a game of golf yesterday.  We drove south of Tucson to a small community/resort called Rio Rico.  The golf course is located very near Nogales, AZ and is connected to a five star hotel called Esplendor Resort.  The golf course was designed by Rober Trent Jones.

We were celebrating a friend's 77 birthday.  The weather was more beautiful that I can describe. The sun was very warm and the air was springtime cool.  We made one tee time on EZ Links and another through the golf course.  We just divided the cost equally among the 4 couples.  Golf in Arizona is a unique experience.   You would have had so much fun!

Hollis is celebrating his 77th Birthday at Wisdoms!
Wisdom's Restaurant located just south of Tubac was the next stop.  Even the hour wait outside under the heaters turned out to be lots of fun.  We ordered chips and salsa and the famous Wisdom margaritas. Once we moved inside where it was warm we were seated by the fire.   I had the best shrimp taco I have ever eaten (just in case you were wondering) and then we shared a cherry deep fried chimichanga with a scoop of ice cream!  

I am a very happy camper.  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too!


My Friend Carole and her husband Ken

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