Monday, January 10, 2011

Fashion on the Football Field...University or Oregon Uniforms

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Okay here's the deal...I am from Oregon!!  I have know quarterbacks for the Oregon football team, stood on the field after a games and shook hands with Rich Brooks, former football coach for Oregon.  I love my state so it only stands to reason that I do worry about what "outfit" our team will wear for the National Championship tonight. :) They had better look good no matter what!

The Oregon athletic department and Phil Knight of Nike fame are joined at the hip.   He has built training facilities and supported the track program almost to an obscene level.  He loves his Alma mater.   Guess who is turning out all those beautiful uniforms that the Ducks wear...why Nike of course?  It has gotten to be quite the big fashion statement buzz for the sports casters and people that care about that sort of thing.  Oregon has more uniforms than I have shoes...and I have a lot of shoes.

I am a girl that loves fashion and let me tell you sport team colors can have a big affect on how people dress in a state where the team has a loyal following or is in the hunt for a national title.  I can imagine what a run there has been on the beautiful green and yellow the Ducks sport at every game.  Oregon will be decked out in their beautiful colors today...fashionistas get out of the way!

So, if Oregon wins tonight, I will not care about their uniforms.  If the unthinkable should happen, they had better look good filing off the field.

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