Friday, January 14, 2011

What puzzles you? Partially 100% Emissions Free Cars???

2009 Subaru Legacy photographed at the 2009 Mo...

My Car is partially 100% emission free! Please explain that to me...please! Somethings just do not compute! When I noticed this piece of chrome on the back of my Subaru I was reminded of the prefect nuclear war...either is it 100% or it isn't. I was puzzled.

Low slung jeans puzzle me. Do women realize their butt is hanging out and think it is attractive? Really, it is not attractive on a plumber and it certainly does not look good on women. Doesn't their backside get cold? I still can't figure out where this style came from and why it has hung around for so long. (No pun intended.)

I am puzzled at how invested we women are in other women's hair color. We will take personal offense at another woman's bad choice in hair color even though we really don't know the other woman. I suppose it is a little like the low slung jeans...we are afraid if we see it often enough we might slip and want purple hair ourselves. We certainly learned how to adjust to hip huggers because our clothes wore out and there was no other choice. Hence the very long blouses!

We have a little house at the entrance to our RV Resort. A man sits inside and opens the gate when we return from the movies at night. The gate opens automatically when we leave. A couple of years ago gate keeper was fired when he did not check the people leaving. That puzzled me...I wondered if we were not free to leave when we wanted. The idea that we may not get back in is worrisome enough.

We have special areas in our resort for people to live that have dogs. You cannot even walk your dog around the is a rule and old people will tell on you. I have had people tell on me for other things so I know. But if you have a bicycle and put your dog in the basket, most people ignore you. A dog being given a ride has always puzzled me. Dogs need to walk...I think! Hospitals are encouraging people to bring animals into wards with old people as a way to wake their minds but we cannot walk a dog in our senior citizen park. It is very puzzling. I think petting other peoples dogs is fun...I don't have to feed or clean up after them but I get to enjoy their company for a few minutes.

Tourist puzzle me...they come to the south with only their shorts and tank tops in the winter. It is cold here because...well it is winter! In the northwestern United States the residents get their shorts out when the temperature rises above 50 degree. Am I the only one that thinks we should cover our skin up when it is cold? That puzzles me...a lot.

I find some things very frightening. Crime, close calls in my car and loud noises in the night cause me to be afraid. Now tell me why anyone would go to a movie and be scared out of their wits ON PURPOSE! I have never figured that one out.

Other things puzzle me...bland food, geezer hats, poor losers, bocce ball, pickle ball, crankiness. But I will spare you the details of those today. What puzzles you?


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