Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comparing Prices for Kindle Books to the Paperback Versions! WOW!!! e-reader of choice:  In the world of electronic books, Kindle is the e-reader I own.  I absolutely love it! The choice of books available for this device is amazing.  I love the fact that I can have the book in a few seconds without even getting up out of my chair.

I bought The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the Kindle cost me around $4.00.  My Kindle allows me to adjust the size of the font when I read.   So the Kindle version is equivalent to the large print version of a paperback book. Plus this book has 602 pages so even the bulk of a large print paperback is a consideration especially for older people.

Amazon has copies of this large print book used in paperback for around $10.00 and it appears you may be able to buy them at thrift stores or second hand at about that price.  New large print paperbacks come in at around $17.00.  At the new price I saved $12.00 over the paperback price by buying the Kindle version...even used I would have saved $6.00.  So the question is Would you consider putting the amount you saved by buying the electronic Kindle books in a piggy bank and buying a new Kindle with the money you saved?  The new Kindle would pay for itself in a heart beat if I were to do this...maybe even one trip not taken to Powell's Used Books Store in Portland would put the money in my pocket.

When my husband and I were thinking about moving to a
different location, we make a trip to our local library with a pick-up load (canopy filled to the brim) of books I had purchased over the years.  Not only did the books cost us a fortune, they took up room in our condo that we actually could not spare!  I visit my books at the library now.  The Kindle has changed the way I see my books...and we can actually find a space for our important things on the shelves.  "Times They Are A Changing"...a prophecy from Bob Dylan, 1964!


Link:  Magnifier for the Visually Impaired...Why Not a Kindle?

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  1. I like my Sony Reader for traveling mostly. But I have learned some of my own "habits" as I learned to read electronically. I am constantly wanting to look back, refer to a map in the front of the book, check the index, etc. I am sure this will get easier for me as I learn a new way. I still enjoy the "heft" of a book, the smell of the paper, the feel of the pages as I turn them. So I am not ENTIRELY ready for electronic reading. It is just so ... temporary ... like life. Norah

  2. Without being a party pooper, I'll only observe that when compared to getting books at the library for free, there's no comparison. So while I have kindle (gotten as at gift or otherwise I couldnt afford it), it is only used when I am traveling by air or someplace i cannot use a library book.

  3. I agree with both of you...BUT in the end this is my best choice yet.

    Barbara, Sometimes I dawdle along with a book and libraries don't like that. I travel and want book now...say the airport...I can get that book immediately. (Have you bought a book at the airport goodness.)

    Norah, I don't know how that works with "research" kind of books. I have not done that yet. What I miss is the tactile feeling and the sense of accomplishment as I put the marker in a big book.

    Thank you for the comments.



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