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How to Break the Paper Habit...what do you think?

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 Re-nest over at Apartment Therapy posted an article called 10 Ways to Kick the Paper Habit. The suggestions were for those of you that are drowning in a sea of files gone wild and articles about a trip you planned on taking 20 years ago.  Paper magazines, National Geographics and golf magazines can take over every room in your house.  If you are moving those magazines to the guest room or the unused bathroom you might want to consider taking them to the doctor's office...they might need them.  They will throw them away if you can't. If you have not read them for several month you never will so bite the bullet now!

I have subscribed to Oprah online and the back issues are archived for me. I probably will not do this again because I am not an Oprah fan but I will do it with other magazines.

I shared the Re-nest article on my FaceBook account sometime this last week. These were the comments I received from friends.  I would love to have your comments on how you are breaking the paper habit:

  • N.-  Hm, must keep TP, printer paper, genealogy documents, paper towels, photos, my favorite books. I recycle much paper -- containers for foods, magazines, unsolicited mail, and newspapers especially, but I read it or use it on its way through.
    Yesterday at 10:05am · 

  • Barbara  WELL...the tp I can understand but after that you lost me!!! :)
    16 hours ago · 

  •  N.- I am not as advanced as you in kicking the paper habit. I still have much ancestry research to do, and I love the papers on which those precious old documents are written. I love my notebooks of ancestry research. I love the papers on which my grandchildren have drawn and written. i am pretty hopeless, I think.
    13 hours ago · 

  • P.- As it is I only keep paper copies of the most essential things--I purged when I move, but they still occupy a box and large safety deposit box
    5 hours ago · 

  • P.  Oh the new "enter comment!" I wonder about people who find it good to use less toilet paper or to use cloth as I've read studies about underwear. fecal residue, and washing machines. People have to be realistic and think about sanitation also
    5 hours ago · 

  • N.- EEUUUUUUUUUUW!! LESS toilet paper would be MORE of things I don't want. I suppose it is possible, but count me out. I will give the rest a little more thought. I do want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I still cannot envision electronic EVERYTHING!
    about an hour ago · 

  • Barbara Toilet paper is a real necessity...but in places like China and Thailand, it is a good idea to carry several small packages of kleenex....I guess they feel their is less contamination because of the way their squat toilets are designed.  In Europe the bidets help somewhat.    But Norah, if you lived in a very small space, you would find that keeping unnecessary paper is not possible if you want to remain sane! We have a small portable file that we travel with...we have never been without the paperwork we need. 

  • Notebooks, scrapbook and photo albums are not made of paper...they are made of memories. Never get rid of them.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Barbara Me again...I read a book about an author several years ago that kept a copies of everything she wrote in a shed in the backyard just in case the house burned down or the internet went belly up. I guess I just don't value a lot of things...and my writing is not valuable enough to build a shed for!

Have a wonderful day everyone...I will be looking forward to seeing your comments.

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  1. We have a filing cabinet in my office that is overflowing with newspaper clippings, notes, and various pieces of paper. When I last stopped counting there were 49different file categories.

    I don't think either my wife or I have used anything from that file...ever. My plan is to take half of it out, box it up, and hide it somewhere else. If after 6 months no one has noticed it is gone, I'll feel comfortable recycling it all.

  2. Well don't be like me and hide it so well you never find it again!! At our house lost things are called "things put in a logical place"! Sigh!



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