Friday, April 22, 2011

AARP Listen up! The Perfect Hobby? - Coupons and Retired Men!

A room full of couponeers and their wives!
     "What do you do for a hobby," they asked.
     "I clip coupons.  We can save lots of money that way," he answered.  His wife just rolled her eyes.  She changed her mind when he began finding coupons online for the stuff she liked.  Golf coupons, Overstock Promo Codes and home decorating coupons.  He finally had her attention!

     Retirement is not the end by any means. Even though someone is not bossing you around anymore does not mean that you can sleep for the rest of your life....even if that is what you have been dreaming about. I know. Lack of sleep was a demon that pursued you all through your working years. One day you wake up rested and want to do something.  Boredom is not a child's thing. Boredom lurks around every corner in a life of total leisure.
     Hobbies always seem to be the perfect answer. Young people studying about old people will always come up with the wonderful idea that we old people would be perfectly happy if we would just find a hobby.  In fact, I have heard younger people worry about their mom or dad and what in the name of heaven they are going to do when they retire. "They don't even have a hobby," they will say.
     This where my husband and his friends came in. Working was a passion, an obsession and the sum total of their lives. Then they retired. Dear lord in heaven please help us all. Those of us on the sidelines waiting for the retirement game to play out knew that whatever these men decided to do we were going to be expected to play a supporting role. Sigh!
     We were beginning to think that it was not going to be so bad. They did rearrange a few things and wanted to boss us around but still, it was okay. Then they discovered the wonderful world of coupons. In fact, two of the men actually took a class. On a designated Thursday night they climbed in their cars and traveled to a classroom in a nearby high school. When they arrived they found a room full of housewives waiting to enter the wonderful world of the couponeering. They learned to clip and file and double the coupons. They learned about Thursday specials published on Wednesday nights. The whole week would revolve around plans for shopping on Thursday. They flitted from store to store yet always managing to save a little gas by wandering into the golf store near the local grocery. They were in the neighborhood so why not?  Oh the glory of it all.
     It lasted for a winter season. We wives were recruited to ride along for a whole day of coupons and nickels and dimes.  Then the new wore off.  The chase didn't seem so much fun anymore.  That was when the men reclined to their recliner passing the important job off to their wives. They still went to the golf store but not the grocery. That gas saving thing just didn't work in reverse.  But they clipped and filed. They would checked to see if the wives had done their jobs at the grocery. When the wives rebelled, the grown children fell heir to the files, coupons, inquisition and savings.
     All this happened many years ago. My husband has not changed.  He coupons from his recliner.  He can print coupons to restaurants, events and for groceries without ever getting out the scissors. He is a fan of Groupon,, LivingSocial and I haven't told him yet but AARP even has ads for coupon sites. We will discover it on his own.  I am never sure if we are playing golf or eating out because he wants to go with me or because he got a good deal.
     I guess saving coupons is better than the hobby of "dumpster diving".  Yes I saw it on a list of hobbies recently. I have learned to live with it at least when it comes to golfing or eating out.  I do not take coupons to the grocery store with me!  It is the principle of the thing. After all, I still have my pride!


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