Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazon's Kindle eBook good as it gets!

I saw a list of books today that made me want to jump up out of my chair and drive to the books store.  Oh, wait!!!  I don't have to go to the book store...I own a kindle.  12 wonderful ebooks right at my finger tips.  Everything from Tina Fey to a book about Mahatma Ghandi can be downloaded with out ever leaving my living room, in the middle of the night at a price that  tempts me to get them all.  It just doesn't get much better than that!

Here are the first 6 that were listed.  Go to the Amazon website to see the rest:

22 Britannia Road: A Novel

Amanda Hodgkinson Kindle Edition
Amazon Best Books of the Month, April 2011: By the end of World War II, Silvana is a ghost of the wife Janusz once had. She and their 7-year-old son Aurek travel from Poland to England to reunite their family--a family that has been separated for 6 years. That's where 22 Britannia Road, Amanda Hodgkinson's stunning... Read more 


Michael Crummey Kindle Edition
Winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book, Caribbean & Canada and the Canadian Authors Association Literary Award; Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Book Award, and the Winterset Award When a whale beaches itself on the shore of the remote... Read more 


Tina Fey Kindle Edition
Amazon Best Books of the Month, April 2011: Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants is short, messy, and impossibly funny (an apt description of the comedian herself). From her humble roots growing up in Pennsylvania to her days doing amateur improv in Chicago to her early sketches on Saturday Night Live, Fey gives us a... Read more 

Please Look After Mom

Kyung-Sook Shin Kindle Edition
Guest Reviewer: Jamie Ford Jamie Ford is the New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Some books change us. They change the way we look at ourselves, the way we interact with those closest to our hearts--the way we’ve loved those people, or the way we’ve missed them or honored... Read more 


Howard Schultz Kindle Edition
In 2000, Starbuck's founder and CEO Schultz (Pour Your Heart into It) stepped down from daily oversight of the company and assumed the role of chairman. Eight years later, in the midst of the recession and a period of decline unprecedented in the company's recent history, Schultz-feeling that the soul of his brand... Read more 

Great Soul

Joseph Lelyveld Kindle Edition
Amazon Best Books of the Month, April 2011: With Great Soul, Pulitzer Prize-winner Joseph Lelyveld accomplishes the difficult task of humanizing the fabled "Mahatma." Utterly unafraid of depicting Gandhi's less palatable tendencies--shameless self-promotion, inscrutable sexual mores, and an often narrow and... Read more 

The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and...

Kim Barker Kindle Edition
War correspondent Barker first started reporting from Afghanistan in 2003, when the war there was lazy and insignificant. She was just learning to navigate Afghan culture, one caught between warring factions, and struggling to get space in her newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. Lulled into complacency, everyone from the... Read more 

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  1. I downloaded 11 free Kindle books to my cell phone....and haven't found the time to read any of them yet!

    If I had a full Kindle I'd probably have to rework my budget. At least half the books you listed sound like ones I'd buy.

  2. Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

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  3. Thank you for the comments.

    Bob, I tried the free books and found out why they were free. Not good.

    Rakuscat...thank you!


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