Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Real West! Travel with me...Wickenburg Az.

Caballeros Museum  Exhibit, Wickenburg, Arizona
"Cowgirl Up 2011"
     We live in Arizona 6 months out of every year. We love the aura of a cowboy society.  Each year as we travel home we pass through Wickenburg, Az. If you are looking for a real cowboy, this may be where they live.
    Today when we drove into town, we stopped for lunch at The Cowboy Cafe.  The food was okay but the memorabilia and western art on the walls made the stop worth while.  It reflected the cowboy feel of this little community.
     Here in Wickenburg there is a beautiful "Caballero Western Museum".  For a period of time each spring they feature an exhibit of western art by renowned women artists.  I love the name, "Cowgirl Up 2011".  Those of us that live in the land of cowgirls understand the significance of the name. When our men get wimpy or decide that they want us to serve them we will say "Cowgirl Up".  It means get tough and be a man! Cowgirls are a breed unlike any other...a little soft and a lot tough!
    Wickenburg is one of those places that time has forgotten...not because of the climate or the location.  A river runs nearby and green willows grow on it's banks.  It has all the charm and appeal of a perfect place to live but the interstate does not run close by.  It seems to me that Wickenburg is lucky in so many ways.  While the metropolitan Phoenix only 60 miles away is rushing here and there, Wickenburg enjoys the feel and comfort of a small western community.  How lucky can they get!!!  In the end these small peripheral communities have the last laugh.  Being slow to develop is a very good thing.  I only wish we had discovered it a long time ago.
    In the morning we will play golf at the Wickenburg Country Club.  We had dinner there tonight.  The food was wonderful.  The golf course is nestled in the this small green valley.  We played it year before last and loved it.
    Tomorrow we will finish our 18 holes of golf and then drive on up to Las Vegas.  I will check in with you then and let you know how the day goes.


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