Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Child Friendly Seaside, Oregon's newest....Inn at the Prom

A quick get away to the beach!
We are staying at the Wyndham World Mark Resort here in Seaside, Oregon.  We have owned in this company for more than 15 years and I have yet to score the "room with a view"! I don't know if they even have a room with a view for people like us that do not want nor need the big rooms.  But still...it would be nice to get one just once.  I told the girl at the desk this time to tell me I had a room with a view even if it was a lie.  Well, what I got was a room with a "side view" which mean is that if I lean over the balcony a little ways I can see an unobstructed look at the ocean.  Really, it is better than nothing! And the desk girl did not have to lie.  That is good too.

I could not believe it when we arrived on a Monday afternoon in May to find this child friendly resort popping with families at play.  I don't know what I expected because Seaside is know for it appeal to young people of all ages.

Inn at the Prom
When we looked out our side view window, we could see a small inn just across the street.  As we went to bed last night the sign on the street said "NO Vacancy".  My curiosity got the better of me so I wandered across the street to see if they were indeed full on a Monday night.  I had a lovely conversation with one of the owners who admitted that "no, they were not totally full."  In fact they only opened last weekend.  They just turn on the no vacancy sign if there is no one in the office.  The small inn is located in a very old building that has been restored to it's former glory. A large building fronts onto the beach and a row of motel united sit directly behind that. It has been totally gutted and every room is absolutely gorgeous. How do I know?  Well, he gave a me tour.

The rooms feature beautiful pillow top mattress, microwaves and sinks.  Six of the units have unobstructed ocean views and the whole inn is located directly on the Promenade that fronts the Pacific Ocean from north to south here in Seaside.  AND it sits just one block off of the main street that runs east to west.  This does not qualify as a "cheap" motel but I still thought the rates were reasonable for it's location and amenities.

Believe it or not my family stayed in a room in this old house almost 35 years ago.  My children were small and the room was musty and dark.  But, we were on the beach and that was all we cared about.  I remember my oldest son getting up the first morning after our arrival and yelling "Mom, come look. The ocean is still waving!"

Seaside, Oregon  
Seaside is one of those charming little communities that line the Oregon coast. Tourism is a huge part of their income base and residents are friendly, helpful and very down to earth. I love the small shops that line the main street. In Oregon, access to the beach is unlimited. No motel or hotel can lay claim to the beach or block access to it. Almost all the street running east and west end with a trail to the beach.  Oregonians know that the weather here in Seaside can be cool but if a good day comes along it will be beautiful in Seaside. We were lucky enough this visit to have two beautiful warm (60 degrees) days.

Better yet Seaside is a "kid" friendly resort destination.  Children are welcome and encouraged.  There is something for every age from the small children right up though the teens.  Restaurants are set up for big families and the motels cater to multi-generational gatherings.  That is so huge in this day and age.

Locals recommend two child friendly restaurants ... Dooger's Seafood Grill or Norma's Ocean Diner just off Broadway.  We have never been disappointed.  The Inn on the Prom might be the perfect place for you but if not, the town is filled with bed and breakfasts or motels.  You will find the perfect fit for your needs.

If you are staying in Portland, the Sunset Highway #26 drives right into the setting sun, hence the name.  It is a beautiful drive and the destination is everything you could ever want.

We have made a couple of other wonder discoveries this time at the beach but those will have to wait for another day.

Be well.


Tom McCall is the governor of Oregon 
that is responsible for our
 wonder beach access laws.

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