Monday, May 9, 2011

Portland Metro Condo for Sale...Ghosts not Included!

At Home with my Ghost
     I don't know if the old stinky farmer is really a ghost or not.  All I know is that once his odor appeared in a farm house he has never been out of our life. In fact he has followed us each time we moved.
     He became a part of our lives when my husband and I were young.   My husband was hired as a high school principal in Ontario Oregon and we bought an hundred year old Victorian house that was located at the back of the high school.  It had sat in the middle of an orchard at one time. Three of the bedrooms were upstairs and one down. We all chose to sleep up because my children were still more comfortable with us nearby.  
    My daughter occupied the back corner room. It was a charming room with wispy curtains and flowered wall paper.  Woodpeckers lived inside the walls because they liked that the house was made of cedar.  And a ghost shared the room with her. You have to understand that my daughter did not want to be alone and was the spookiest child ever born. But she did not mind the ghost. In fact she was comforted by the smell of sweat.  I, on the other hand, did not care for the smell so I crawled on my hands and knees sniffing the carpet as I went about the room.  I could not find a source for the stink.  We finally just accepted it along with the 20 layers of wall paper and wind blowing through the cracks around the windows.  
    When we sold the house several years later the ghost was quite upset.  The new owner found the pipes leaking from the upstairs bathroom into the basement skipping the kitchen located just beneath it altogether. Every pipe in that old basement was dripping water as though it were raining.  About a week later the trap under one sink in the downstairs bathroom exploded as though a bomb had been placed in it.  There was no explanation for any of the events. I finally lost my patience and yelled at the farmer (in front of the buyer unfortunately) telling him that he was getting really nice people to live with him and I wanted him to quit!  He left the house alone and decided to move with us into the new house close by.  The buyers moved into the old house soon thereafter.
     He stuck with us through two more moves his odor appearing in rooms without any reason.  But as the years passed and my children left home, we thought he had finally found a new family and  forgotten about us.  
     We now live in a condo in Portland Metro area and are trying very hard to sell. We are growing old. A sign is posted in front and we have cleaned from top to bottom.  We talk about moving quite a bit. I think he must still be with us and has become uneasy. Why?  Well this is what happened. Night before last we were sound asleep when the bedroom light over our bed came on. We tried everything to get them turned off.  I flicked the wall switch and finally climbed up on the bed so I could pull the string on the fan where the light was located.  It took several tugs before the light finally dimmed.
Our Friendly Ghost has Payed a Call
Condo for Sale (we will take the
Ghost with us!)
      The next morning we got up and there was no water in the toilet.  I sat up in bed trying to figure out what was going on. All I could think was that our ghost was back. I really don't know but I had a visit with that other worldly presence in our life just in case...we are going to move and I promise we will sell to nice people, I said.  But, if you don't like them, you can always come with us.  Then I waited.  
      My grandchildren have asked if the ghost is a nice ghost.  Yes he is, I answered without hesitation.  Their parents just smiled and nodded.  Isn't it nice when even the ghosts become treasures that can be passed from one generation to the next.
      Our condo is for sale.  We need to sell badly.  The stories are included but I can tell you right now that ghost will be coming with us.  I can guarantee it!


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  1. What a sweet post! It brought back some memories. My parents always insisted there was a ghost in their first house and I didn't mind it either.

  2. Great post! You were lucky that the ghost that followed you was a friendly one. Not all are. Check this:


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