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How to appear younger: 7 Restaurant Behaviors + Wassabi in Beaverton

Wassabi on Cornell near Streets of Tanesborne
Great Pan Asian Food + a sports bar!
Las Vegas, NV.
 Giant California Roll

Many of my friends are not biting, literally, when it comes to sushi. YUCK! they will say. The idea that something might have a raw fish in it or on it just does not rock their boat! Not that I am judging but I have an opinion retirees. Here it is!

Last year I wrote a post on "looking old".  It included advice like don't wear a watch - just look at your cell phone and don't be the office archivist...even if you know you are right be quiet and buy some new clothes because polyester is out of style and get a new hair style because long gray hair drags you down.  

Now I'm on a new kick... please don't act old when you go out to eat. Here are 7 things that bother me:

  • Don't complain about the prices on the menu. Honestly, if you aren't in the Cracker Barrel or McDonald's, things are going to cost more. A very middle of the line non-franchise restaurant is going to cost you a lot more. $16-$25 is not high priced. Remember the cost of putting that item on the table involves more than the cost of the food. It really doesn't matter what you think and it just makes you look bad when you complain...don't even gulp! For example, here is a review about Wassabi in Beaverton posted on Notice the price was mentioned (other people think about the prices too):
"probably the most stylish sushi place in Hillsboro. I don't remember the first visit because it was quite a while ago. Anyway, when I first looked at the menu, I thought the price for their specialty rolls was overpriced. But when the order arrived, I realized, they're twice ..."‎ - Denise M. ‎ - Apr 27, 2011
  • In the Portland area a tip of 15-18+% is expected. Don't be cheap.
  • Please leave your ills at home. Order what you can eat and don't give the people with you an "organ (internal organ) recital" listing why you cannot eat spicy. No one wants to know and it ruins everyones appetite.
  • Include a new taste in your "things you will eat" list. Try curry or Thai food. You will find they can tone the spices down and your children/friends will think you are very cool.
  • Learn to use chop sticks.  It is not that hard I discovered. When we travel, we have to use chop sticks or our fingers. I am so glad we took the challenge and learned to do this.   
  • Eat sushi!  Now listen here...not all sushi has raw fish on it or in it. A California Roll for example, is made with rice and vegetables.  It is delicious and so good for you. The best part for seniors is that it is really inexpensive!!!!  I thought you would like that.
  • Don't share a meal...order appetizers instead. Now here is the husband and I share a meal at the local franchise.  Sometimes I don't care how old I am. But when I am eating at a nice restaurant, we order just the entre or an appetizer.  It is plenty of food and we aren't acting like we have just climbed out of the 1950's. (This helps with that "cost" thing too.)
  • Wassabi in Beaverton Oregon...great!
  • If you are a nose curler/yuck sayer, stop that. Living a full life requires that we learn-to-learn new things...even when we are old!  
I think that people who are not willing to experience new tastes and experience age at the speed of light.  It seems to me that we do not get old because our body ages. We get old because we don't continue to learn new things. For those that get stuck, the world shrinks with each "yuck" or "it is not safe". So there you have it.  Live life and you will look young! It is not rocket science people.


I want to thank Wassabi's for being to gracious and allowing me to photo the interior. This is a very nice restaurant with excellent service and the appetizer menu was all we wanted or needed. The prices were not any more than any other Pan Asian food in the area. I would encourage you to try it out.
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