Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's all Portland Metro Week: ANDINA RESTAURANT

Living in the Portland Metro area is a delight.  Food, fun and friends springs to mind.  People from the Portland Metro area are friendly. Even new people to the region seem to pick up the vibe. Locals honk their horns when you are going to run into a tree not when you take a little too long at a stop light.  We use 4 way stops signs and yellow turn signals on red lights.  It seems to work out just fine.

So I am going to spend next seven day taking about my favorites. I love to go on a date to a restaurant in the Pearl District in downtown Portland so I need to start there.

On Mother's Day several weeks ago my daughter and her family took us to Andina for dinner. The byline for this eatery is "A taste of Peru in the Pearl!" My husband and I had stopped in for lunch a while back but we really didn't appreciate how unique this place is. The special event we attended featured a performance by a local jazz musician. The food was so spectacular I am not even going to describe it.

My thoughts on Andina:
Pure Luxury
Ambience:  The feel of this space is pure Pearl! Classy, casual and artsy beautiful.
Food:  I was delighted to find a non-gluten menu post.  Food prepared with quinoa allows people with diet restrictions to enjoy the tastes of Peru.  Quinoa is used in Peru in much the same way we use wheat.  The name is significant to their cultural respecting the earth.  Luncheon menu feature entres created with beef, chicken or Serrano ham.    My favorite is a vegetarian special:

    The Incas referred to quinoa as "chisaya mama" or "mother of all grains;" grilled market fresh vegetables on a bed of golden beet and local mushroom "risotto" laced with truffle oil  19.
    Location:  If you are wanting to spend an afternoon in downtown Portland or are a visitor to the city, you really should just take an afternoon to explore the Pearl District.  It is so rich in style and urban feel you will go away with the sense that you have traveled to a foreign country.  The restaurants website cannot help but wax poetic about it's location.
    "Andina is located in Portland's beautiful Pearl District, a unique area where you'll find antique shops, Portland's best known art galleries, traditional and trendy boutiques, and upscale lofts." 
    Cocktails: They serve the best cocktail I have ever tasted.  The item is written in Spanish but when you speak the word aloud its say SexyWoman.  The ingredients are just amazing and the drink itself is one of those that can fill the whole evening sip by sip:
    SACSAYHUAMÁN Habanero pepper vodka shaken with pureed passion fruit and cane sugar,served up with a sugar rim and a cilantro leaf garnish.
    Dress: If you want to wear on those new spiked heels and put on the dog you can do that.  If you are a more casual dresser, that is okay too.  Portland is more about good food, art, hip living and bicycles than it is about how you look.  Brush your teeth and put on a clean pair of pants or blouse.  You will be fine.

    Andina is a ***** as far as I am concerned and I would recommend it to anyone.  

    Have a great day!

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