Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Spaces in Hot Weather: The Affordable Heat Pump by Air & Water

     Part of my job here at Retire In Style Blog is to share products that will help you be comfortable living in a small space.  I have told you about downsizing, products that you might need and how to make that small space beautiful.  In every case I have told about things that I know first hand.  I am not an expert unless you want to call "living" an education but I do know what I love.
     A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a company that sells home appliances.  The email started like this:

NewAir AC-10000H 

10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 

and Heater with Remote Control

My name is Andreah, I work in the marketing department for an independent online appliance retailer called Air & Water, Inc.  We sell a variety of home appliances on our website Air&  I heard about your blog through my mom, who is a regular reader.  She's always talking about your great travel ideas and looking in to day trips that are closer to where she lives.  It's great to see her so active and enjoying her retirement!
     She had me at the "I heard about your blog through my mom....".  When I read the rest of the letter, I felt as though I were talking to an old friend.  What the company wanted was for my husband and I to try out a new product they are marketing this summer.  I agreed to test it and then give you my review here on my blog.  The portable air conditioner and heater came in the mail last week.
     Air&Water is a company that sells everything from air conditioners to BBQ grills.  Their tag line is The Way Online Shopping Should Be.  When I clicked on their website I was immediately offer an chance to chat online with a representative.  I don't know about you but I like it when a company makes it that simple to get information on a product I want to buy.

About Us
     We live in Portland in the summer and Tucson in the winter.  Our heating and cooling needs are very unique.  Here in Portland the humidity is high and we may require heat part of the day and cooling at another time. 
     In Arizona we live in a park model with a TOTAL square footage of about 400 square feet.  It is very small.  We have a very old heat pump that is not working properly.  Replacing that unit would cost us somewhere around $4000.  We do not use either the heating or cooling daily there but when it gets cold or very hot we do need a little help so we can be comfortable. As a result we have been looking for a more affordable way to heat and cool our tiny space.

About the NewAir AC-10,000H.
     So the question we asked ourselves turned out to be "would we use something portable and carry it back and forth?"  After we opened the box, set it up the NewAir AC-10000H in our condo upstairs, we both knew the answer would be "yes".  It was easy to install, inconspicuous/sleek and very quiet for a portable AC unit.  Best of all it included a remote control. (Specs for it are on the webpage.)
     The NewAir AC-10000H can 1) cool, 2) heat, and 3) dehumidify.  We will make use of all three of these functions this summer.  Our condo here in Oregon is 1400 square feet but our upstair bedroom and office is a total of 350 square feet.  We will close unused rooms off upstairs when we are heating or cooling.  This unit is designed to heat or cool 325 square feet.  It also features a timer so we can set it for the heating/cooling to come on in the early evening before we go to bed.   Perfect!
     What I have discovered after trying both the AC and heating unit, the performance meshes with the information from the manufacturer.
From the Air Water Website:  The NewAir AC-10000H also offers 10,000 BTUs of cooling and easily covers areas up to 325 square feet, making it ideal for both primary or supplemental cooling of individual rooms or areas.
     The price is $469.00 but they are offering free shipping for a limited time. Today I see they are offering a price break of $110.  My husband and I thought the cost sounded a lot better than the $4000 for a new heat pump in Arizona.  
     I only tell you what I know.  I can't guarantee that you will love what I love.  Take a look at the information, guarantees and pictures.  You will have to decided for yourself.  I can only send you in the right direction.


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