Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How big is your kitchen? Finding happiness in simple things.

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We are moving (I hope)!  We have lived in a multi-level home for 10 years and we are ready to move to one level and maybe do a tiny bit of gardening.  The house we have chosen that may be ours (if there is a closing and a buying on the same day) is in a 55 and older community of about 20 homes.

The house is designed with plenty of room to move about.  There are double doors into the bedroom and the den. I think the kitchen is big enough for a wheel chair bound person to function.  Now, we are very agile and frisky so we don't need a kitchen designed for a wheel chair and I woke this morning with visions of stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops spinning in my brain.  I was actually visualizing a remodeled space.  I was on a roll.  See, this is why I love Apartment Therapy!  The website always brings me back down to earth.  While there is some kitchen articles on this website that are about those WOW spaces, there is always a good mix of creative people living in small spaces.

This morning I noticed at article called Margaret Roaches Vibrant Green Kitchen.  Margaret lives in an ordinary space, the photos showed a kitchen that was not well lit or glamorous.  But the thing is, Margaret is a gardener...her beauty lies outside her kitchen door.

After reading the article and reflected on the reality of how we live, I came back down to earth.  My kitchen in our new house will be beautiful, not because of the stove or refrigerator, but because we live there.  The food, friends and family will make it appliance can do that. Thank you Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn.

How big is your kitchen...and would you really be happier if it were bigger, a different color or fancier...really?  Take a look at Small Cool Kitchens 2011 


Google Search:  Margaret Roach - home - Cached
MARGARET ROACH, former editorial director for Martha Stewart, blogs at nationally acclaimed, and founded the blog network ...


  1. Our kitchen is tiny. While it has the normal appliances, it is packed into a space of probably no more than 80 sq. feet (not including a breakfast area with a table and 4 chairs.

    Two people can't really be in the kitchen at the same time, but it works for us. Amazingly, the previous homeowners had 3 kids. How that worked we'll never know. But, as you note, the size of the kitchen is much less important that what happens in it.

  2. Yes Bob you are right...if it works it works.

    Today my husband found a story I had written 15 years ago about us using the kitchen. It was right after he retired. He got busy one day and moved the silverware to the other side of the room. I am still talking about that.


  3. We currently have a large kitchen that I love. But we are in the process of down-sizing now and I think about this question a lot. I don't have a good answer except that I do want a new kitchen with a lot of light. Good light and not feeling closed in are my biggest desires. Oh, and convenient counter space.


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