Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Books for Grandchildren...surprise!

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My two grandsons were visiting the other day. All play dates involve toys, outdoor play and books. The routine is pretty predictable. They come in the door hungry...I fix "maccy cheese" and they eat. We drag out the big box of toys and they play with every item in the box and then we move on to the books. They have the drill down and so do I.
But it always surprises me which book they will find interesting. Sometimes it is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and another time it will be Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  The Chicka book is a favorite just because they love to say the title.

The Secret Garden

This visit turned out to be a little different.  The smallest boy picked up my Country Gardens book put out by Country Living magazine.  This grandson is only 20 month old.  We went through the book page by page exclaiming over all the beautiful flowers.  His big brother aged 3 1/2 joined in the fun as we flipped through the book.  When reading time was over we headed for the backyard.

About half way through the kitchen my oldest grandson stopped dead and pointed at our secret garden in the back...look at all the beautiful flowers he exclaimed and rushed back to get the book we had just finished reading.  He went through every page checking the small flower garden as he went along.  He was sure that he had found the pictures of the flowers in my backyard.

I should know this by now...3 children and 11 grandchildren never know what a child is going to want to learn about on any given day.  On that day they just wanted to look and learn about the flowers.  Who knew!

Busy Boys

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  1. I am coming to realize how much influence my grandparents had on me.
    They exposed me to things my parents did not have the time or money to expose me to. My parents definitely cared- but that grandparent influence---huge.


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