Thursday, September 8, 2011

15% RV Resort Discount through Retire In Style Blog

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I live in a beautiful RV resort in the winter.  The business that runs two RV resorts in Tucson is giving discounts to people  if they are referred by a "friend" living in the park.  Both of these parks are rated very high in Trailer Life.  A park on the west side of the city has the coveted 10/10*/10 rating.  The park on the east side that I live in is rated 9.5/10*/10.  My park is a little smaller and really has a sense of community.  The maintenance on both parks is about the best I have ever seen in my travels around the United States.

If you mention my name when you make your reservation you will receive $20 for a week stay or $100 if you stay a month.  The weekly rate is $230+ taxes and the monthly rate is $639+ taxes.  The discount for a monthly rate is a little over 15%...nothing to sneeze at.

So send me an email to and I will forward you the information so you can take advantage of this service.

Take a look at the resort information to see if you are interested:  Then contact me and let me be your friend!

I hope to see YOU next winter.


The information I have from the park says I can refer as many people as I can find.  Let me say here...I am operating at the whim of the owners and can not guarantee space availability, etc.  My advice to you would be to act as soon as possible.  The park we live in was filled totally last winter.

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  1. Gosh, in winter we are practically neighbors! I am abut 70 miles SE of Tucson. Great weather, lots of sun, friendly folks. Enjoy your season here! GraceinAZ (really Pat)


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