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We are not naive when it comes to the USPS.  We have traveled, moved and tried to understand their process.  But I continue to be surprised.

Several years ago I sent a Christmas card to a friend that was not delivered. We were wondering why our friend had never received it.  After a period of time the letter came back and it had a stamp on the front that said "Stuck in Machine".  The address was on it but it was mangled.  I guess they made an executive decision not to send it on.  Maybe their thought that the Christmas season was over. I don't know about you but that sort of thing puzzles me.  Do they actually have a rubber stamp for that sort of thing?   Do they have someone that decides where the stuck letter should go or is there a regulation in law that tells them what to do?

USPS form with temporary box marked!
Today our insurance company sent a postcard to us here in Arizona that topped anything we have seen before.  My husband had submitted a temporary forwarding address form to the post office so that we could get our Oregon mail sent to us here.  The form had a time limit for sending the mail to our temporary address.  Our permanent location is in Oregon and that is where we want it to stay even for the time we are here. This is just our vacation home. The USPS took it upon themselves to notify our insurance company we were not where we should be.   For some reason the insurance company thought we had moved to Mars!  This is what the postcard said:
The U.S. Poster Service (U.S.P.S.) has recently informed us that you submitted a change of address form with the U.S.P.S. and that you have moved to the address shown on the front of this postcard.  This address differs from the address that we currently have on file for you.... (Do their computers talk to each other?)
And what's more, depending on your policy, an outdated address can affect your premiums and your insurance coverage.  (Was that a threat?)
Did you know that when you have a vacation home and want to have your mail forwarded, the post office tells everyone you are gone?  Well not everyone but at least the insurance company.  I didn't.  I just thought you would want to know.


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  1. Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a USPS form, I found a blank fillable form here


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