Saturday, November 19, 2011

Euro Beads ( -- an Inexpensive "Pandora" Look for Christmas!!

Pugster Winter Jewelry
Pre-made Euro Bead bracelet.
Pugster (I found one of these
If you gift list included women of all ages, I think I have found the perfect gifts for you.  This is the years of the "Pandora Charm Bracelets and Necklaces".  Every jewelry store worth it's salt has a beautiful "Pandora" jewelry display.

I love this style of jewelry but I don't like the price.  Chains for charm necklaces or bracelets can go for around $40 up to $1400.  It all depends on what precious metal you select.  After that purchase you will need to select charms.  The birthstone charm will run you anything from $45 up to $85...each.

So this morning I went on a search for a website for "Euro Beads".  On a website called you will find a very large selection of beads and chains.  These beads are advertised as "Pandora" compatible.  The only difference is the price.  They look very expensive but they are not!

They have a page of beads that go for around $1.99.  I am satisfied with the variety on this page but if you want to go to the best sellers you will find them priced at around $13.00.

The euro bead accessory chains begin at $5.99.  The selection included silver chains and silicone lanyards.  I gave my granddaughter the lanyard and beads for a necklace for her birthday and she wears it daily.

I even love the idea of a charm bracelet.  These make a nice statement, are reasonably price and every woman on your Christmas list needs one.


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