Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tucson Recommended Restaurants: Mexican & Italian (gluten free)

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I love ethnic food.  In Tucson the trick is finding someplace that has excellent food for Italian, Sonoran Mexican or Japanese sushi.  Today I have 2 for 3...not bad if I do say so.  So here are my choices for Sonora and Italian choice.

When you have friends that not only love Sonoran food but are actually from Sonora MEX, you really do get the best recommendations of all.  Our friend, Lupe and Victor, are neighbors here in our park.  We were sitting with them at happy hour last night when we began talking about the best Mexican food in Tucson.  Because they are both from Sonora, their tastes differ from what we here in America have been accustomed to.  I mention Tucson's landmark restaurant El Charro in the Presidio area in downtown Tucson.  El Charros is noted for its Sonoran food and is a great tourist attraction.  Lupe said, yes, it is OK.  But had we tried Taco Giro on 22nd?  Well the answer was no but we will be trying it soon.

The thing that caught my interest was the fact that I was talking to someone that actually cooked this regional style Mexican food. Even better yet Taco Giro is featured on Get a coupon too.

Tucson has a regional food all it's own.  Finding that Italian or even Japanese sushi can be very hard.  Lucky for us an Italian food restaurant called Zona 78 has been around for a number of years.  Better yet (at least for me) they have some very tasty gluten free items on their menu.  On top of that the restaurant attracts a young crowd...that is wonderful for those of us that live in 55+ communities.

Last night we had our anniversary dinner there.  We were treated to free dessert, lots of attention and a beautifully served dinner.  We will be going back.

The restaurant has locations on River Road and Tanque Verde.  The River Road location has more outdoor seating but I think both has the same wonderful menu.

That all for today.


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