Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What if I used a profanity in my blog? Gawker and me

I may start using this
image as my Avatar (picture
used online)!
Okay, you guys are in my age group...second adulthood I have heard it called.  (I like that a lot better that second childhood don't you?)  Tell me are you sensitive to the use of profanities on the web, in movies on television and in the movies?  I am not a Puritan and I have noticed that I am becoming numb to the use of the "f" word and other related stuff.  The fact that I think they are using the offensive language less is probably a testament to that.  I try to behave myself like a respectable and respectful person.  But it turns out that I just don't see a lot of offense stuff any more.  That is what happens when you work in the world of blogs and online information.

Yesterday I linked to a small post on Gawker that mentioned the name of a relative or a relative of mine and posted it on my Facebook account.  The lovely young women whose name was mentioned was not the one pictured...sadly enough I did not realize that the offensive picture associated with the article would come up and when it did I didn't remove it as quickly as I should.  I don't think I realized that I could!  Well, it turns out her dad was not happy.  I did my Facebook research and removed it. I also apologized for his unhappiness. We all knew it was not his daughter!

Now everyone you should see this is a warning...what we post socially has to be monitored very carefully.  The world is watching! Even those innocent remarks are seen and what we think is just between the involved parties can be inadvertently put up for the world to see. I would even say that when Gawker used the woman's full name they somehow involved everyone with that name.  I know my profile is up with my name online.  This is a job for me.  Hiding does not work.

So there it is...I am just saying!  Be very careful.



  1. The reason I am adverse to profanity is that it is, very simply, a verbal release of negative energy.

    I don't view the user of profanity as "bad," or any such thing, I just wish to avoid being exposed to the negativity.

  2. I agree...I find that when I feeling a little grinchy I am more apt to use those little profanities. I don't feel better after i am done that. Sigh!!!


  3. Hi, I sent you an email, and now I see how to get on your blog--I must have been on your google page. Anyway, great blog--I look forward to reading more. And meeting you when we have a chance!

  4. Welcome on board GP. I look forward to visiting with you.



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