Thursday, April 12, 2012

Should you "friend" your children on Facebook? There are rules you know!

The letter style post on Crazy Baby Momma's Blog was like a glass of ice water on the face! The blog post was called Six Rules You Need to Lay Down Before You Friend Your Parents on Facebook. Obviously her parents were under the illusion that Facebook was their private space and they could just comment on their daughter's love life and complexion without a worry.  The daughter didn't like her baby picture on a bear rug being posted for all her friends to see so she asked Mom and Dad to stop.  The parents were on the edge of being unfriended and removed from the Facebook account unless they cleaned their act up. The list of no-nos included some of the following:
  • Everything is PUBLIC on Facebook...absolutely everything!
  • Please quit trying to play match is embarrassing.
  • There really is no need to comment on everything.
  • If the daughter removed a comment or note it means they didn't want the world to see said comment or note.  Please Mom and Dad, she said, don't add it back in case I missed it. I removed it for a reason.
  • There is no need to submit a written evaluation of every photo.  Yes there may be a weight gain but you don't need to point it out.
I think there was more but you get the idea. Soooooo, the question is should you friend your children on Facebook? Showing your children how techno-savvy you are is one thing...hanging out on their Facebook account is another. I think the trick might be to take a look to see what is going on but don't let them know you have been there. What they don't know can't set them off.
Just a thought!



  1. I did not Friend my adult daughters, they Friended me. As such, the only thing I comment on that could qualify as annoying, is if they use profanity. Since they Friended me, they dragged me into their world, and opened the door for me to respond.

    It's only one daughter, she did it once, and I sent her a private email about it.

    Otherwise, I'm very aware that every comment is public, and do so on their walls very sparingly.

  2. Tamara, I have a hard time remembering which came first...I just know that there are children and grandchildren + in-laws of in-laws and the list goes on and on. I forget who is watching occasionally and will have a discussion with someone I forget is even involved in the family. I have been called on it! Darn. Now I just look at facebook to see what is going on and say very little. Email is working better and better.

    If this lack of privacy continues we may be mailing letters the old fashioned way or even chatting on the phone. My goodness, we could have to even talk to people in person. What a concept that would be. :)

    Be well and thank you for the comment.


  3. To be able to sleep at night I no longer look at my younger son's FB page.

  4. Denise I understand. What frightens me is that employers are now checking Facebook to see what would be employees have written. Young people need to be reminded about that.


  5. I've been privy to two family fights (not my family) that originated because someone posted something they shouldn't have on Facebook. If you get on Facebook, be prepared to post very discreetly, comment sparingly and don't wear your feelings on your sleeve! See more on the topic of should grandparents join Facebook.

  6. I have come to realize that this can turn ugly...and everyone can be just so innocent. Thank you for the link Susan.



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