Monday, April 2, 2012

What does you child's spouse REALLY thinks of you?

Have you ever wondered what you child's spouse really thinks of you?  I tell my family that I know they talk about me when I go home and I don't like that.  The truth is I know when my foot is in my mouth because it hurts and tastes bad.  Let's not talk about it ok. I don't like to sit in the corner and be quiet so I have to guard my mouth to the point of being in pain.  I always thought it was really hard for me.  But after reading a blog written on a blog called Blue Orchid I realized what pain the children can be in.  The poor dears suffer beyond belief!

The blog called Dirty Dancing with the Blob is about a weekend visit from the in-laws. The poor man does not think there is enough whiskey or Junior Mints in the house to see him through.  He details those things that drive him crazy when his in-laws visit:

In-law lunch: Wine and Styrofoam container with left-overs.texture of the food...too much whole wheat maybe
  • Complaints about spicy food
  • Creeping diseases  
  • Pills for diseases
  • Wild grandchildren making in-laws nervous
  • More pills to help tolerate grandchildren
  • Beer consumption by the father-in-law
  • Big talk as the result of drinking too much beer
  • Etc.
I know the writer was taking poetic license and exaggerating ... or not.  Still it reminds me why TV commercials featuring old people makes us look so bad.  This man probably is writing them.  Sigh!  Oh by the way, he made me laugh and I liked that a lot.  I will go back for more even if it does remind me to be very quiet when I visit my children.  I'm tough, I can handle it! ")


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