Saturday, May 26, 2012

The "housekeeper fairy" is dead! Sigh!

I am sorry but I have been married for 51 years and all of these years I truly  believed that the
"housekeeping fairy" was going to come and clean up the mess.  Hence the mess!  Now I am 70 and fully aware that there is no such thing as a "housekeeping fairy".  My husband just told me night before last.  Imagine my disappointment.  I mean it was hard for him too...breaking the bad new and all but still, I am the one that really was shocked.

After a little thought I had the courage to say, "Well, I guess we are going to have to share the chores around here. If the housekeeping fairy is not coming, someone is going to need to scrub toilets and clean up dishes."  It turns out, he does the yard/garage and I have been give a very special job.  I will be doing the fairy jobs from now on....darn!




  1. Wait! You mean I'm not the Housekeeping Fairy? As I flit about the house I flush all the toilets for everybody, pick up socks, wash dishes and move in a blur of pixie dust doing a hundred other cleaning tasks each day. Wish I had time for my sixty hour a week full time job too. Maybe you can hire me to retire with you and work my magic! :)

  2. Betty and I have a system that has worked well for us for years: we rotate the Housekeeping Fairy chores. One week I'll clean the master bath, wash the sheets, and mop the floors, while she dusts, vacuums, cleans the kitchen and powder room. The next time we simply switch. We each do our own laundry, too. The splitting of duties means one person never gets stuck doing the same job.

  3. Dear BO...

    I hate to break it to you but the pay is terrible (ask my husband). You see he has been very like you...flitting around helping me stay afloat. But now he has just finished putting in a flagstone patio (for me), is getting ready to replace carpet that has served as a piddle pad for the former owner's dog (for me) and repainted my son's condo ceiling (not for me but with me.)

    The housekeeping fairy is NOT REAL!!!! And I will say it again...darn/sigh!

    Oh by the way you really flush the toilets??? Wow!


  4. Dear Bob,

    If we ever got that organized the wheels would fall off all together. We...I...never really have a plan. I usually know where I want to be (outside or inside) and will dress for the occasions. The rest of my day just happens to me.

    As for the housekeeping fairy, she has been a subject of many conversations. We both know she does not exist and we also know what we are going to do and what needs to be done. So what one doesn't like to do the other does. For some wild weird reason it has all worked out.

    Keep smiling you guys!



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