Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When does it start feeling like work? Work vs Play!

As for accomplishments,
I just did what I had to do
as things came along.

Eleanor Roosevelt
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There are two sides to every coin. There is not a right side nor is there any wrong side.  Just two sides...opposite and equal.  The coin I tossed in the air this week was the one with work (for financial gain) on one side and play on the other.  Here is how it went...

I have always know that I do things because I can see a reward of some kind.  I clean because I like the satisfaction of a task completed.  I plant flowers because I love flowers in bloom.  I take care of my grandchildren and children because I love them.  And I write this blog because it is a way that I can express myself creatively.  All of these things are much like eating my dinner...I need them to feed myself in some way.  But I ask myself occasionally about how much is fun and when does it become like a job I don't want to do.

The yard can become a chore, too much child care can wear me down and sometimes I just don't care if my house is clean or not.  Most of these things I do by choice because they give me joy.  Even this blog, my hobby and creative need, can begin to look like a job.  Is that good?  I don't know.

It seems that it is all in how we describe a job.  Is a job something that needs to be done or is it something that pays money so we can live.  In my world it is the latter.  And this blog is working for me financially.  Within the last year I have started to earn some money for writing and for the use of my little "blog store" to sell other peoples ideas and products.  It is all good and it still is fun.  That is good!

But now people are starting to take me seriously...imagine!  I like that but I am being very careful.  I don't let just anybody use this space. I only display ideas that I find useful and the question I always ask myself is "would you do this for free if no one paid anything for this type of thing?"  If the answer is yes then I discuss the idea with the person that has approached me.  But I decline if it doesn't light my fire or if it feels like I would be spinning my wheels.

See I am 70 and I have been retired for 15 years.  I like to work hard and be tired at the end of the day but if a job would make me anxious or worried I am going to say no thank you.  This is a hobby. I am trying to keep the joy and passion for this room in my life.  I don't want it to start feeling like a work place. There you have it!


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  1. I was asked today---"You are here again. Are you working?" Well, yes and no. Some of my time at school is paid time.Technically I am working. BUT I choose when and where to do that time and when it is not fun, I do not have to return. Technically, I am playing.

    That is the gift of retirement.

  2. I am a retired teacher...my passion was my children and my classroom. How many hours I spent there was determined by how much I loved it. The pay was the same whether I stayed as long as required or much, much longer.

    Now, the gift of retirement has giving me the leisure of writing with no pay and taking as long as I want. I love it.


  3. I like you perception about your hobby. Yes, if that's what you really want, don't let anybody get in your way. I admire you.

  4. Emily,

    Thank you for much. You are right...it is all about the "perception" isn't it?



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