Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day is Coming...Shouldn't you be shopping?

Mothers Day is coming!  Here is a piece of advice...go buy a mother a gift.  If the mother is smart she will have already told you what she wants.  That is what I do and I have always told my children to tell their families what they want. How else are those poor clueless husbands, wives and children to know what to buy if someone doesn't give them a hint or push them out the door with directions to the nearest store? I is just so obvious!

Shay...our newest Mother's Day Gift!
Here my list of things I need for Mother's Day 2012
  1. A Rose bush...a very healthy rose bush.
  2. Aveda Hand Relief  (I love their lotion but it is a big treat to have it.)
  3. A book...a really good Award Winning Books.  I just found one that has instructions on how to write a children's book.  I liked that a lot.
  4. Portable DVD Player...every grandma/mother wants one of these.  The kids have one so why can't we?
  5. Promise of a dinner or lunch at a nice restaurant...not on Mother's Day but later!
  6. A trip to the nail spa.
  7. A pair of Toms Shoes...size 8.
  8. Gift Card for Norstroms/Macys
  9. A day of shopping for my grandchildren...children can tell me what to buy.  I would like that.
  10. Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit  (I didn't know I wanted this until I went shopping online.  Wouldn't that be so much fun?
Click on any of these links to visit the website selling these items.  You can also wander around and find something else.  In many cases shipping is free.  Check that option out for sure.  

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