Friday, May 4, 2012

Did the AARP Invitation Get Lost in the Mail?

I laughed when Blue Orchid wrote the guest blog about receiving his AARP invitation when he was 48 years old.  His decision to pass on the kind offer seemed right considering his age, how long we will live, and the cheesy gift AARP was offering.  But I laughed even harder when my husband got his invitation in the newspaper this last Sunday....he is 74!  Did the invitation get lost in the mail?  You know, a person could get their feelings hurt.

The dreaded symbol of getting old!
The benefits are the same as those offered Blue insulated travel bag in red (AARP color) that is suppose to tip the scales toward the option to send $14 for membership.  Even though that included the $4.03 subscription to AARP The Magazine and a free insulated bag we have made our decision that we are not ready to join yet...maybe when we get old but just not yet.

Blue Orchid of Texas, I think we will just hang out with you and your Studio30 friends for a while longer if that is alright.  

Be well.



  1. Too funny. You know they sent me another one yesterday. I forgot what the new cheesy gift was but again I'm passing because of course I'm no where near fifty yet, right?

  2. Hey, where's my travel bag? I don't remember getting any gifts!

  3. Here is what I think...the more invitations you get Blue Orchid the less valuable the gift. As for you Galen, I have no explanation for the lack of a gift. You just need to write them a letter!

    As for me...when I get old (like you guys) I will find out what that is all about. :)



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